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Photo on the Left shows the top and bottom views of a genuine 6.2 kg BURMA bar which was said to have been recovered from a WWII land site in General Santos, Mindanao.

Click on the bar photo to see the detailed drawing showing the exact dimensions.
Why so much buried World War II loot in the Philippines?
Written by Tony Wells


Read Some Past News Paper Articles Regarding WWII treasure in the Philippines;

* Bulacan Treasure Hunt Not Covert --- Calimlim (March 1, 2000)
Philippine Daily Inquirer Articles (Oct. - Nov. 1999)
Marcos Loot Hunt Now On The Web
* Enzo To Testify On Marcos Gold (He claims to know about 200 witnesses who could testify on the existence of the Marcos gold, including those who had dug it up).
Marcos Wealth Brings Bitter Memories To Buddha Finder Heir (Result of Imelda Marcos' claim to having horded 4,000 tons of gold)
SOLDIERS OF FORTUNE : `We were there; we dug up gold' (Ex-Philippine Army soldiers tell story of recovering WWII treasures buried throughout the country for Ex-President Marcos)
Presidential Commission of Good Government (PCGG) Plans To Dig For Yamashita's Treasure On Marcos Property (4-part story)
Jury Orders Marcos To Pay $22 Billion For Golden Treasure
* Marcos' Son Willing To Trade Assets For Immunity
* Ramos Seeks Compromise On Hidden Marcos Loot
* Check Japan Banks For War Loot : Dutch POW Group
* Yamashita's Treasure Claims Two More Lives
* Quest Continues For Legendary Yamashita's Gold
* Jet Crashes At Davao Airport; 12 Injured (Jet was carrying 8 crates of recovered treasure Gold during take-off)
Golden Buddha Finder Wins $460-M Claim To FM Deposits
* 25 Billion Imelda's Treasure Found (Hidden in vault in Zurich)
General Yamashita's Treasure Found (Japanese TV crew make major find while filming in PI mountains)

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NEW! - If you are in need of the THAPI TREASURE HUNTING MARKINGS, SIGNS, CODES & SYMBOLS then you can download them all in PDF format from the five complete set of files below;

Pages 1-10 / Pages 11-20 / Pages 21-30 / Pages 31-40 / Pages 41-49

NEW! Download VOURVON Codes here!
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Read some chapters of THE GOLD OF THE SUN written by Robert Curtis. This is one of the best and most comprehensive book that has ever been written regarding Buried World War II treasure in the Philippines! If this doesn't make a believer out of you...nothing will.


Read chapter Four and Sixteen from THE MARCOS DYNASTY written by Sterling Seagrave.
(Total of 28-pages of detailed information concerning "Yamashita's Gold")

Read two book reviews from Sterling Seagrave's latest book, THE YAMATO DYMASTY! More interesting information on the looting of Asia during WWII.

See MAPS below for; Major battle sites on Philippine islands, Japanese Imperial Army strong holds, retreat routes, POW camps, etc.:

Top 10 Major battle sites between USA/Filipino forces against the Japanese Imperial Forces on Northern Luzon between January 9th and August 15th, 1945.
Japanese Imperial Army troop locations on Northern Luzon in Feburary 1945.
Final Imperial Army mountainous strong hold on Northern Luzon before surrendering (July - August 15th, 1945).
Location of 16 major POW internment camp sites throughout the Philippines during World War II.

USArmed Forces Clearing Eastern Mindanao Areas --------------------- Clearing Davao Area:

NEW LINK!! The Conquest of Eastern Mindanao:


Attention to all of the Philippine land owners/treasure hunters who think you may have buried WWII treasure on your land. Please READ THIS simple fact information page BEFORE you spend time and money on digging on your property. This might save you a lot of time and headache...



In the Philippines the GUIDELINES ON TREASURE HUNTING IN THE PHILIPPINES were previously issued by The Office of the President (Malacanang) but since 2004 became Administrative Order No. 2004-33 and is issued by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources with address as follows:
Visayas Avenue, Diliman
Quezon City

Guidelines In Brief as follows:

PhP 10,000.00 (approx. $200 USD).

After an audited report of expenses has been evaluated and approved by the Oversight Committee, the sharing of the net proceeds shall be as follows;

a) For Treasure Hunting within Public Lands - Seventy five (75) percent to the Government and twenty five (25) percent to the Permit Holder.

For Treasure Hunting in Private Lands - Thirty (30) percent to the Government and seventy (70) percent (70) percent to be shared by the Permit Holder and the Landowner.

For Shipwrecks/Sunken Vessel Recovery - Fifty (50) percent to the Government and fifty (50) to the Permit Holder.

Treasure Hunting/Survey/Salvage Permit - Officially you can receive this within 30 working days after all documentation is evaluated and approved by the Technical Review Committee.

Upon discovery of valuable items the National Museum shall be called upon to determine whether or not they are considered to have cultural and/or historical value.

All treasures found shall be allowed for export only upon approval of the National Heritage Commission and other concerned Government agencies.

: The area given for SEA sites is twenty (20) hectares. Once you have the permit that means no one can work within your licensed area.

For more In-Depth details regardin the LEGAL ASPECTS OF TREASURE HUNTING IN THE PHILIPPINES please click on the links below:

Philippine CIVIL CODE Laws and Regulations
- these are the early Civil Codes from 1972 through 1983 (vital information for PI land owners/treasure hunters).

Presidential Decree No. 1726-A : GUIDELINES ON TREASURE HUNTING IN THE PHILIPPINES (Oct. 1st, 1980).

Memorandum Order No. 389 : Prescribing the Procedures and Guidelines on Application for Permits to Locate, Dig and Excavate Hidden Treasures in Accordance with the Provisions of Presidental Decree No. 1726-A (July 26, 1996).


Warning.. GOLD BUYING & SELLING SCAMS!!! - Is any group or someone (usually a Filippino) trying to sell you recovered WWII gold? Are they using all kinds of excuses as to WHY THEY ARE AFRAID TO TRANSACT IN A MAJOR BANK? Many people are falling for this scam and are being ROBBED AT GUN POINT, ripped-off and cheated out of their money. Please do yourself a favor and READ THIS FIRST BEFORE you donate your hard earned cash to these cheats!

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