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Anyone can buy fuel in the PH, not have to ship it all the way there.  Unless it is specialty aviation fuel for say attack aircraft.  Ship fuel or truck diesel is available there.  We buy it from over there.  My bet it is the first one.

General Talk about ANYTHING Regarding TREASURE HUNTING / Is This a Cover Story ? ?
« Last post by ZOBEX on January 11, 2024, 02:23:31 PM »
So the President and his sister are going at it again.  Either Bong is on the take or scared shitless of the USG.

War is on the horizon.
General Talk about ANYTHING Regarding TREASURE HUNTING / Re: A Holes Whom are Rich
« Last post by ZOBEX on October 14, 2023, 03:37:45 AM »
Yes, they did post on YT in one of their video show endings, a quick pick shot of what was seen at the end of the horizontal drilling.  Something I had suggested to that team's people whom came to my state in USA and asked, in person, to decode certain markers they had with them.  That was probably 3 years back.

Oh yes, good old Norman Haynes.  His people once met with us outside of Clark AFB and suggested we promote his projects with the I recall 1,000,000 to 1 investment prospects.  That was a long time ago.  Treasure Fever or Gold Fever can be a powerful drug.  Like gambling in Las Vegas.

Glad I am too old to be active any more.

Way back in the 1970's to 1980's I was part of a 3 man team operating kind of covertly on a project for global resonate frequency mapping, signature capture and prediction.  Was a CIA / Pentagon funded project with the cover story of earthquake prediction.  What it was, a study program for global mapping and to develop programs for the creation of earthquakes and related tsunami's as an offensive weapon.  Hint Hint, the tsunami that took out Fukushima was a CIA project to extort control over the Japanese central bank. And did.  Mapping voids like underground weapon bunkers and density spots ( gold bar stashes ).  We did not get to keep the equipment, it was provided and we were operational funded.  In the end it all reverted back to them.  We also tracked global nuclear weapon testing which can be used to map global densities and such.  Great stuff if we had access to it now.

General Talk about ANYTHING Regarding TREASURE HUNTING / Re: A Holes Whom are Rich
« Last post by Jackson444 on October 14, 2023, 03:04:08 AM »
 Did they really see boxes though? that broken timber appeared too modern and and the nail did not look the right age. It looked like a majority of the site had been excavated already, probably during the Marcos era. They claim it all came to a halt due to covid lockdowns.

I heard that he also expressed great discomfort in being on that show, claiming the ones in LA were controlling everything and therefore obscuring the reality of it all. It was very obvious how staged some parts were and felt completely unrealistic to how TH really goes down across the islands.

John Casey is not just some construction guy as the show claims. He is connected to GeoScan Inc. An Arizona based satellite scan company, which scan around the world in locating gold deposits -

That is the technology they have used to identify these 3 alleged sites, which include the site from the show, Siargao and possibly this one recounted in this story on Youtube -

Aspects of it remind me of a sort of Digitalised version of a N. Haynes scam praying on gullible investors with promises of adventure and treasure. Or as they call them in crypto - 'pump and dump' scams..

General Talk about ANYTHING Regarding TREASURE HUNTING / Re: A Holes Whom are Rich
« Last post by ZOBEX on October 13, 2023, 07:23:20 PM »
Well lets see, what happened to their sugar daddy's from Los Angeles and why did they pull out.

What is a treasure hunter club ?  Is that kind of like a Justin Bieber fan club of little girls ?

If someone actually has a sugar daddy and has drilled in hard rock up into viewing a chamber of awkward stacked box's, why not just bite the big one and hard rock tunnel following that 3" drill hole.  It may take months but it is a sure path.  IF there is not a fire hose of water coming out the 3" hole, then a water trap is not an issue.  IF there is a flow of water out of the drill hole, one can still drill a 3 foot diameter hole in limestone not all that hard.  The water flow actually helps wash out any slag from the drilling.

THE BIG QUESTION is, if you see box's of stuff, just run the drill bit into the box's and see what comes out on the capture drill bit.  If it is gold, one will find gold shards on the drill pit.  If explosives, that will show up as chemical traces in any water that is running out, if there IS any water running out.

This story does not make sense to me, but Hey, who am I to question real professionals on the history channel and the treasure club of advertising and marketing professionals.  Look at the resume of the people there, not willing to show their face on the commercial web site.


Guess I missed it but is there any mention of budget projections vs project activity and possibility of success ?


Real treasure hunting is a money pit.  If you project say 100,000usd, better figure it will be 200,000usd.  From personal experience it is easy to burn through 400,000usd in a single year.  A Big UGH.


General Talk about ANYTHING Regarding TREASURE HUNTING / Re: A Holes Whom are Rich
« Last post by ZOBEX on October 12, 2023, 07:04:03 PM »
BTW the one older guy in charge of this project, in that video is one of the two rich guys from Los Angeles / Beverly Hills CA. that first approached me to help them figure out the project.  Wanted a lot of free information and not even pay for consult.  Very inflated egos as I saw them.

I suggest never deal with them if the opportunity arises.

General Talk about ANYTHING Regarding TREASURE HUNTING / Re: A Holes Whom are Rich
« Last post by ZOBEX on October 12, 2023, 07:01:22 PM »
In this episode at the 10:27 time mark the morons finally figure out from the stone rock map that there is a secret tunnel into the chamber behind the waterfall.

WELL DUH, as I had said to them at the start.  Had they agreed to even 5% I would have shown that to them at the start.  F** heads.


General Talk about ANYTHING Regarding TREASURE HUNTING / A Holes Whom are Rich
« Last post by ZOBEX on October 12, 2023, 06:45:25 PM »

I was the technical adviser for this project. The last episodes are BLANK because there is a secret tunnel on the left side of the water to get inside. I would not tell them where it is because they would not give me a piece of the pie.

BTW Yamashita had nothing to do with this site. This was buried by Colonel Tanaka whom was a cousin General Tanaka the military governor general of WW2 Philippines.

Before these clowns ever started to move dirt on this project, the people whom were running this project came to see me.  We had two meetings.  They had some modern map copies with code markers.  They kept asking me to decode the markers for them.  I started but held back.  They came back and asked to meet with me again.  I did the same.

Later they were out looking for help and this and than.  Then they asked I go with them to the mountain and stand around in front of the camera, tell them where to dig and all.  BUT did not want to give any share.  They DID offer a round trip airline ticket.  Yea sure.

This mountain has been dug on by several different groups over the years. The trick is there is a small crawl tunnel into the chamber behind the water.  BUT I will not tell them where it is.  Nothing in it for me so FU.

They have seen the box's in the chamber but via a camera down a long bore hole.

There were or are several chambers at this location.  Some has been recovered and some is still there.  The previous guys grabbed what they could get and were out.


General Chat about WWII LOOT / Re: Stupid
« Last post by ZOBEX on July 03, 2023, 12:54:59 PM »

So what is the story of the gold being taken out of Luzon by American entities involving the Manila Embassy and the future USG military bases ?

It was announced this week that the IMF and the World Bank are making cash loans to the penis piano playing leader of Ukraine.  ( a stage act of his was actually, being naked and with an erect penis, whacking in on the piano keyboard ).  AND Japan is cosigning IE guarantying the loans to Ukraine.  Now why would Japan make guarantees to the repayment of cash loans to Ukraine and where is Japan getting Billions of USD to back those loans.  AND why in the world would Japan of all countries, an Asian country, guarantee cash loans to the most crooked country in the world, in Europe ???

Let us speculate, gold now leaving the PH, being extracted in the past 18 months, going to Japan and the USG military bases, now being funneled over to guarantee loans to a collapsing country in a war run by the USA against Russia, because officially the USA can not and no longer officially pay for this covert war.

Think about the past 24 months of who, what, when and where.

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