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A group of amateur treasure hunters in England found a hoard of gold and silver coins from the 14th-century that could be worth nearly $200,000 according to experts.

In total, 557 coins were excavated, including 12 "ultra-rare full gold nobles from the time of the Black Death." The lot will be held safe at a museum and then independently evaluated before it is sold, with the proceeds being split with the landowner.

The silver coins are believed to be from the reign of both Edward I and Edward II, from 1272 until 1327. The gold coins are thought to be from Edward III's reign, which lasted until 1377.[img]
Thank you Sir Fom1113 for the advice and for sharing your experience. My friend is planning up to maximum of 85 feet depth if still there is nothing found he will go for the 2nd option. Still we are in the dark gray layer. I will keep you updated for any development.
Thank you.
Layer of soil and loose sand are signal soil then gravel is the last before vault. After that dark gray layer you should encounter those 3 layers if a vault is embedded in that dark gray layer. 23 meters is your target depth, if you found nothing in that depth level try adding 2 more meters and observe any changes.

As i read in some thread, lot of hunters believe that japs buried those gold bars as simple as they think. I am always telling everyone asking to never underestimate it because they thought if a gadget is in your hand means sure success. Maybe true if a GA is around but what if there is no GiveAways? Even the most hightech gadgets nowadays were fooled by the burial engineering design used by japanese more than 70 years ago. I believe they used science of physics, mining and geology to let those gold be like a natural mineralisation in the eye of electronic devices. Even satellite scanning was fooled by that enginuity in a project few years ago that ended in a tragic death of 3 financiers who lost properties tru financing. They died tru heart failure consecutively. So dont jump into conclusion by just looking into the screen of a device with you. Do the surface sign reading and surface analisation then combine the result of gadgets you have and must include a locator or dowsing. Compass bearing tru sign formation must be your priority that is why surveying a site is not simple. There must be a question and answer regarding dead trees around and protruding rocks. If no one can answer the question means positive result is slim. IMHO and experience.
Dear Fom1113,

Thank you for the detailed list. From my observation they already encounter all those till number 11. Some of them are found two times. They are now digging the hard gray concrete but along with it is a black color cement.

I attached photos for reference.

Good day Jewellcat,

 Here are some of the reliable soil, organic materials findings before reaching a vault. Just a confirmation to be sure that the concrete beneath those layers is loaded. Althogh these findings were docummented by me in a small deposit load but i believe the japanese did the same backfill engineering even in those larger loads since in some thread postings of some th suggests that layers of the same style are replicated sometimes 2X down to the other load that means they missed 1 deposit on the way to the 2nd level.

1.) Branches of wood
2.) round marble size rocks scattered
3.) fossilized leaves mixed in anykind of backfill
4.) thick white paste/mud
5.) patches of black tar/asphalt mixed backfill
6.) flat concrete sometimes metal plates
7.) dark brown mud/soil
8.) bright yellow or orange colored mud mixed inserted inside the dark brown soil
9.) multiple appearances of small springwater
10.) gravel and sand
11.) poison but not so deadly if your dig hole is equiped with ventilator
12.) vault

Those listed here are standard although in some areas colorations are slightly different and some few elements are missing but the sequence is almost the same.

Good luck
You're welcome.
Noted. I will send you a PM incase.

For now we will finish these hard concrete layer and check what we will find next. Then we will decide.

And I kindly request for other TH's in this group to post your ideas regarding the photos i posted above.

Thank you very much Sir Fom1113 for all your input. Very much appreciated.
I suggest some details in our communication should be done in personal message.

It means the location is not a problem then. The project is only in Rizal.

I will keep you updated...

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