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Here again is a few days later an email between DB and myself.  I have edited out personal names and email addresses.


"we welcome you to join us, we will generously cover your family so your departure from the gov will never be a loss.  Take it from someone who has been there, get away from them.  Evil, evil, evil.  Join the rest of us refugees."

I would love to but then again, my elder brothers will hunt me themselves. I still have few years left before retiring from the government service. And I am already in deep shit covered by government shadows because of some treasure retrieval. They are keeping a close tab on me that is why they never knew this email add and I am in a big public internet being operated by a cousin.

--- On Sat, 24/3/12, <> wrote:his

    From: <>
    Subject: RE: DWH
    Date: Saturday, 24 March, 2012, 7:12 PM

    DB, ALL cell phones in the islands are hot wire.  All text messages are available, all voice calls can be sent parallel so are listen in on real time and if you have a gps capable phone, all positions are tracked like a map real time.  I have had this past week, people both in USA and Islands had my phones blocked, copied and impostered.  People calling identifying them selves as me. For example, Smart is a Chinese front end for treasure recovery.  We had a conversation with them today and they even gave our group some tips on locating sites and examples of the Smart recovery teams.  Smart exists or was created not as a competive cell company but rather as a front end for digging.

    XXXX, as soon as I can generate the funds, David is going back to DWH as the gold is only some 30 feet inside the mouth of the tunnel and it is free standing.  Just must move the mud and rocks, about 3 weeks of work.  Not that bad.  WHEN we get that open, and some bars out, we welcome you to join us, we will generously cover your family so your departure from the gov will never be a loss.  Take it from someone who has been there, get away from them.  Evil, evil, evil.  Join the rest of us refugees .

    My Brother is now also a target of what I call demonic attack, real problems.  So here we are, it's up to God, just be careful and rotate your e-mail box's.  You should probably also when contact me, use the XXXXXX address as that is a private server and Yahoo and Hotmail are fully back door for the government.  That is how Cesar Moncao got into trouble. he was e-mailing me about punching a vault in Makati when he had to run to Canada and get away.



the last message i received from Dindo was in January 2015, he said he was somewhere until 2019.

I have been an archive of a lot of old emails I keep.  Some 200 or so back and forth with DB as we worked on some treasure sites together.  I will post some quotes later on.  DB was, if he is really dead, a brilliant dowser and a generally nice guy.  His world started to fall apart when the PH government actually learned he was a dowser.  That was not till late in his time.  Following is a quote of an email where he tells me the PH government just learned he is a dowser and had helped them find two box's of gold. 


(( my name here )), If I could only have the time to go down there, I would, but my agency is too demanding and even made us report our whereabouts at 8 am, 1 pm and 7 pm. I just arrived back from Baguio fully guarded since my director now knew that I am into TH and was an instrument in the government effort in retrieving the 2 boxes left over the side of the Pena Blanca, Cagayan. I was told "thank you" and nothing was heard from them after that. Then someone started to shadow me wherever I go as evidence in seeing similar faces from Cagayan to the Burnham park in Baguio.

I shall call on David from time to time. BTW, do you know if the government could remotely manipulate my cp signal so to hear whoever I call?

--- On Thu, 22/3/12,


After this he wrote he was being stalked by the PH government because he could dowse and find gold.  This was March 22 2012 .  Prior to this the PH government did not know he could find gold.


No idea. Don't even understand what it's all about.
Very nice. Thanks for sharing.
The cannon, recovered from the Sandy Point shipwreck just north of Fort Pierce, is part of the Spanish Fleet that sank off the coast during a violent hurricane in 1715. The ships, carrying significant amounts of gold and silver coins along with jewels, were destined for the king and queen of Spain.
I dont know anything about that. In my dowsing i already tested this and able to reach the vault at 11.5 meters depth but unfortunately the soil collapsed. Ut was our mistake by nit providing wood casing in out dighole. I repeat i dont know anything about your explaination here. I already posted the pictures of our operations here twice.

you can use any material any time you want. but the question is, are you guided by the Holy Spirit or some spirit who has a negative energy ?

i found out that when you have a negative energy or you are not guided by the Holy spirit or entity that recognizes Jesus Christ and God the Father as the God of NOah, Moses , and Jacob, all they point is the decoy.  if you are guided by the wrong spirit, you are likely to be guided to the decoy?

how do you know if you are led to the decoy?

the decoy are numerous and varied. they usually protect the item in a circle formation. some are 8 feet away, some are 2 feet away. so when there is a real item, there are likely 6-8 decoys around. in short, you can detect using your metal detector 6-8 detections and 6-8 "so-called" items.

how do you know if your dowsing is correct? its simple. use your dowsing skills first. then use your metal detector. if they detect the same, your dowsing is not accurate.

real items are laden with anti-metal detectors. and real items are surrounded by decoys. small real items protect the big items, the entrance of a bunker or other more precious items

before you invest in metal detectors and scanners, better think twice.

if you dont know how to locate real items, use metal detectors . THEN PRAY. AND PRAY.      afterwards, try your luck by drilling. drill as many as you can until you that unbreakable cement.
The last picture is clearly a sign. Load location is not far away from there. Observe some trail sign nerby.
Based on the details of the area i already knew where the approximate location of the loads. It s about trigrams reference point in connection to load location and not dowsing.
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