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For Sale in SEA / Re: Second Hand 3D Scanner : NGK DPRadar Plus
« Last post by ZOBEX on June 19, 2017, 04:40:17 AM »
Shipping in items by carrier or post into the PH is a total joke.  I have never had any item arrive safely, some times not arrive at all.  That is why I have in the past carried in all items as personal property on the airlines.  Being a foreigner they tend to pressure me less than a Filipino or even BROWN.  Always say I am on vacation and will take it back out, personal property.  Yea a foreigner with a fancy metal detector as check in luggage, that was a lot of questions.  I used to carry it back and forth like 3 times a year because it might get damaged in the islands.  Found it was safer just to leave it.  So many trips with a metal detector is a greater alarm to authorities.

If I purchase new, I use it in my home country for a couple of months before leaving with it.  To shake it down and burn it in.  Yea, I also have gone through a lot of detectors and such.  Buy, sell, buy, sell till I find what I like and understand.  Keep It Simple Stupid !

Life is what God gives us.  Complaining to him won't change it, may make you feel better, but God will do what God plans for us.


For Sale in SEA / Re: Second Hand 3D Scanner : NGK DPRadar Plus
« Last post by BERMUDA TRIANGLE on June 18, 2017, 08:04:23 AM »
Dear Mr. Zobex,

Thank you for your advices and kindness.
According to my experience, there was no gadget which satisfy my needs fully. That's one of my reasons why I've bought many gadgets. Actually if there is a person who wants to buy a gadget that can solve all his problems only with it, I'd like to say he'd rather not buy a gadget. No gadget could satisfy our needs fully. Also there was another reason to buy many gadgets. It is my curiosity to the technology and thirsty for the knowledge. One thing I learned from my experience is that the reality is different from the promotion of the companis. That's why I recommend to buy a second hand gadget so as to experience it with low expense and to get a gadget without any defect in hard hardware and software.

I have many reasons why I suggest people to try to buy a second hand gadget. Aside from the additional expenses there are many risks to import metal detectors, scanners or LRL's. I had to return a newly arrived gadget fo be repaired. All expenses for shipping back and forth were on me and I  need to wait for more than 2 months additionally in one case. And also I should waste my time. I have 2 experience that my items were broken. One was totally broken so I couldn't use it and I lost my money. I presume it was damaged in the customs office. The other was partly broken so I fixed it by myself. As I told in previous posting, I had an experience that my payment money was stolen by a hacker. And more bad experiences... It's not easy to import items as an individual. If I buy a metal detectors now I will find a good second hand ones. I think somebody can understand later what I'm saying now.

Mr. Zobex,
I have a good friend who is fighting against cancer too. He already got a surgery 3 times. He says he is still healthy and happy. He is one of my closest friends. I always pray for him. I believe my friend can overcome the sickness. Also I believe you can overcome your hardship in your health. I truly hope you and my friend can recover soon.

Thank you very much again and my respects,
For Sale in SEA / Re: Second Hand 3D Scanner : NGK DPRadar Plus
« Last post by ZOBEX on June 18, 2017, 03:44:11 AM »
Yes, don't just give away at a low price.  I tried to be helpful to this fellow and his group who kept " low balling " me on the purchase.  So I figured OK, why not.  They gave up after a few months and then started asking for a return.  Fine, so I do.  I think in 2011 the unit was about 6,000usd and I offered it to them, in perfect condition, for 1,500usd.  That is a discount.  Now the unit sets in storage and gets the battery unit topped off about every 2 months.

I remember working in the islands before cell phones, we had to use land line call center shops and at that only collect calls were allowed out.  At 1.50usd per minute.  Film cameras, no GPS etc.  Actually I enjoyed that much more, my computer system was running DOS 5.0 .  No internet even in USA.

IF I were to purchase a GK again, I would probably purchase YOUR unit.  Why ??  Because bringing in any fancy metal detector into the PH through PH customs would be a personal risk.  Even then and now, when someone see's the unit they think it is a military mine detector.  Not a good thing with the current government there and situation as it is.  BUT as a mine detector, it probably is quite useful.  Even then I was questioned quite a bit, another reason it was not taken back out and sold some place else.  I did a few free scans for the AFP years back at old military base, they used to bury old ordinance rather than destroy them.  Then forgot where it was buried !!


PS I now a group there that might be interested in your unit.  Bunch of Russians, not my friends but I know them.  Will pass along the word.
For Sale in SEA / Re: Second Hand 3D Scanner : NGK DPRadar Plus
« Last post by admin on June 17, 2017, 11:38:15 PM »

Keep fighting. Get well soon my friend!
For Sale in SEA / Re: Second Hand 3D Scanner : NGK DPRadar Plus
« Last post by BERMUDA TRIANGLE on June 17, 2017, 07:07:02 PM »
Dear Mr. Zobex,

First of all, I hope with my whole heart you can recover your health soon. And thank you for your advices.

1. Re: Nokta Gold King Scanner - For Sale in Philippines
Reply #7 on: April 26, 2013, 04:23:03 AM
Thank you for those who inquired about the Gold King.  The scanner has been sold to a small group of treasure hunters on Mindanao.  I wish them good luck and fortune in their sites.

The above posting is yours in 2013. You told in the above posting that you sold your NGK to "a small group of treasure hunters" but now you are saying you sold it to a religious leader. I don't have any mind to hurt your feeling but personally it's really true that your words are not so trustworthy to me. But I don't like to focus on this matter anymore.

2. About the problems in NGK you mentioned, actually I cannot understand what you're saying. I've never had those problems about the product itself until now. Usually we say that when we buy a brand new product it's kind of lotto because sometimes a defected one can be chosen. In that case there is no way but to request exchange, I think. Anyway I'd like to conclude you might choose a bad lotto in buying NGK. Also I have an experience like you but not so serious to me. Furthermore I have an experience that my payment money was stolen by a hacker when transferring the money to Greek so I lost my whole payment money.
One thing clear is that my all items have no any problem until now in software and hardware.

3. I cannot undestand you in the matter why you generalize your problem to everyone. I don't know what country you're living now. I'm staying in Mindanao for 7 years. And I've went around north to south and east to west of Mindanao, even in Muslim areas with my NGK with scan results memorized, Geosat which is so called satellite locator with GPS, Treasure Navigator with GPD and my smartphones with many places marked with coordinates. I've passed by enormously many checkpoints but I've never asked my NGK, Geosat, Navigator and smartphones to be shown to them. Truly this is my first time to hear that we would be interrogated if we have our gadgets be marked with coordinates. Maybe your Mindanao and my Mindanao are absolutely different.

4. GPS? I have a Treasure Navigator. It has a Garmin GPS. But I've never used it, even only once until now. I've never felt any necessity to use it. In my opinion that kind of things are only the way for the companis to earn more money. In my experience the simpler, the better. Usually almost every treasure hunters who have no experience to use OKM admire OKM products. One reason among a few reasons why I don't use OKM now is that it's too complicated to use. Actually I observe many views on OKM products even in this forum but if they use it in actual situation they can understand what I mean.

4. Actually I didn't use any sales sites or forum site before. I only started to use sales site around 1 and half months ago to sell my these items. This is my first time to use sales site. And I also registered this TSEATC site recently to promote my sales. Actually I've focused on my work but not postings. I don't know when you read my sales promotion in sales site. If you say that you read it around more than 1 and half months ago you're telling another lie.

5. Yes I'm promoting my sales now because I don't need those gadgets anymore. But even if there is no buyer it's quite OK. Absolutely no problem to me. If you were interested in my sales you could notice that I presented the price of NGK with P200,000 at first but I increased it to P280,000. Do you know why? At first I wanted to sell it right away but I changed my mind because my gadgets are still good and have not any problem almost just like a brand new. Also if it's not sold I'd rather give away my gadgets to my assistant friends here so that I can repay what I've received from them. I'd rather give away than I throw away my gadgets with cheap price.

Thank you for your advices again and hope you can recover soon.
For Sale in SEA / Re: Second Hand 3D Scanner : NGK DPRadar Plus
« Last post by ZOBEX on June 17, 2017, 03:52:02 PM »
About metal discrimination to Mr Zobex,

There is no 3D scanner to discriminate metal kinds 100%. If you bring me any scanner to discriminate metals 100%, I'll give you my Nokta Golden King FREE. The person who expects a scanner to discriminate Gold, Iron, Steel etc perfectly is that he proves that he is quite IGNORANT of gadgets. I've used so many kinds of so called scanners and metal detectors including OKM exp 5000. I've met an engineer who used Macro Jeohunter before. He was very respected  and famous from people. But in fact he didn't even know how to ground balance his gadget. I hope you can know how to ground balance Nokta Golden King because it is basic of basic in using detectors.

Actually I cannot know how good the headphone is because I have never used it until now. I've never found any reason to use it in the field.

And other small problems about it arr not important because I've never encountered those problems. I think it is not a matter of product quality but of management. You should have take least care of it to avoid those trivial problems.

Also one more thing, I don't have any memory to post articles anywhere on the web before. When I research your articles so as to see how professional your opinion is, I could see so many articles of yours here and there. I truly appreciate your articles. But as for me I've studied and experimented my many gadgets instead of meddling in other's opinion with shallow knowledge.


As posted, I purchased the unit back, full refund, since the fellow could not pay for it in full, even at $1,500 usd.  That unit was purchased in I recall 2011, attached a picture of the head unit, new, before flying it to the PH, picture was dated August 2011.  The problem of the attachment of coil to rod is a well known problem.  The manufacture is rather surly about any future changes.  Yes, I have pulled my unit apart and studied a way to port out the memory.  Can be done but is not worth the effort.  Field study of a scan is fine, BUT anything beyond the hobbyist needs to catalog and data base scans and GPS positions.  NO it is a stupid idea to keep scans and if existing any GPS data in a metal detector.  In particular the PH.  If you get caught at a check point, they are going to grab the unit and if there is any images in it, you will get interrogated in a most unpleasant way as to what the images are and where they are found.  Same with GPS.  NEVER keep any GPS marks in your hand held.  I always purge all such data, move it over to a very discreet device and send that on it's way.  THAT is why you want to port the data off the unit.  The only way around on the GK is to digital camera shoot the display and then delete from the unit.  Such a capture image attached here.

A fix to the dreaded rod to coil change is purchase additional rods, attach to each coil and never remove them.  So once the additional rubber shims are crammed in and the plastic bolt and nut run through, leave them attached.  Just change the lower rod sections each time.

The factory says it takes a minimum of 40 hours of actual personal use before an operator can expect confidence in their personal results.  So said the literature that came with the unit in 2011.  For me it was about 35 hours before I had general confidence in interpreting the results.  Pay no attention to descriptions such as "cavity" or "gold" or "iron or ferrous".

I like the unit over time but it can be a pain in the ass.

I expect your view of the unit is colored by the fact you are trying to sell the unit to customers, possibly here, by including a link to the sales site.  I believe I have seen you post previously on the internet, so inclined to sell.

Later I will post the digital camera shots of the screen with actual field readings. 


PS  I promise I will personally post confirmation of my death no more than 7 days after the event.

For Sale in SEA / Re: Second Hand 3D Scanner : NGK DPRadar Plus
« Last post by ZOBEX on June 17, 2017, 02:47:54 PM »
Hello Mr.Zobex,

Before starting I'd like you to read your own postings again and to try to think you're telling the truth now and that time.
This is your article on March 28, 2013 :

Thank you for your information. And especially very pleased that you look like having already recovered from your Cancer.
According to your article in 2013, you said that you bought Nokta Golden King 2 years ago and you sold it in April 2013. In that posting, the reason why you sold it is that you found cancer. Then you got sympathy from others and finally sold it. But you've been still posting many articles here since then in spite of your cancer. Maybe you recovered cancer right away or you might not have cancer then. I hope your cancer was not true but only an excuse for selling it. I'd like to heve more advices from you as follows :

1. You're saying here you used Nokta Golden King for 6-7 years and it means you bought it in 2010 or 2011. But you posted taht you sold it in April 2013 because of your cancer. Maybe you have not used it since 2013. How could you use it for 6 to 7 years??? Also you should have retired from TH that time due to your health. Or you bought another one  again right after you sold yours? Because Nokta is good?

2. You said in 2013 that you didn't use Gas sensor and Night vision camera. Then how can you know it cannot sense or good or bad even though you have never used those items??

3. There is no problem in Zipper of my carrying bag until now. The problem could be related to only your own item. It can not be generalized to all. Even if the company produces the same brand there are possibility of defects like cell phones or cars. That's why I recommend good and proved second hand gadgets. I have several experiences to exchange parts or to get service as soon as I receive gadgets.
Also all the parts of my Nokta Golden King have no any problem until now. I think any solid and strong equipmemts can not bear careless management.

4. The scan result of Nokta Golden King does not need to be transferred to other devices because we can analyze the area on the spot. This feature is the better strength than other gadgets. But Nokta Golden King also can store all the scan results in its own memory so we can analyze it anytime if we need.

But if we don't have many experiences to use many kinds of gadgets and to compare those equipments, we cannot know how irritating, troublesome and complicated the process to analyze later is. Maybe as the users accumulate the experiences to use more gadgets, they can realize that the more simple the usage of a gadget, the better.

5. How many scanners or gadgets have you owned, used and compared? There is no perfect gadget in the world beased on my experience. We cannot get a all-round gadget. We should choose a proper gadget suitable for our own  specfic condition. Just like we need a Humvee to climb the mountain, not a Ferrari.....

Even if Nokta Golden King doesn't suit you, there would be many people who need this one. I'm not insisting Nokta Golden King is the best gadget suitable for all environments.

Lasty, I hope you would not get any other sickness when you need to sell your item later.
Thank you very much again Mr. Zobex,

A few things, the GK was sold to a religious leader on one of the islands.  He could not fully pay for it.  I took it back and gave back his money.  A little worse for the wear.  It was offered to him at 1,500 usd with a deposit.  He though he could make a find and then pay me the balance.  He could not, need the money back so I bought him out, full refund.  A lesson for treasure hunting fools.

No recover, stage 3 in lymphatic system and I feel like crap.  Being treated by chinese style herbal systems, or I would be dead.  If you knew me, you would see in on my body.  Lucky you never get it.  I was told I would be dead by December, 2016.  HA HA on them.  Never trust modern medicine.

Hey treasure community. I have here pictures of my operation I'm working on and found Markers beside a cliff one of the marker looks like a heart shaped cavity, second is another cavity shape of an alter and below the alter seems like a carving of a fist on top of some unusual rubble that doesn't look natural also has a hole on it. Need to know what the meaning of the fist what you guys think of this from your perspective help me decipher yamashitas code pls..
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