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Yamashita's Treasure FOUND! / Re: Yamashita treasure at UP Baguio lot?
« Last post by renantiur on October 18, 2018, 05:15:33 AM »

its really an embarassment for cabusao.
Yamashita's Treasure FOUND! / Re: Yamashita treasure at UP Baguio lot?
« Last post by admin on October 17, 2018, 10:06:37 PM »
They didn't approve because they believe it's on their property? Is this correct? What if it's on a property adjacent to the BCC? Can the DPWH stop the search?

Last reply on this thread is over a year already and so far this is the only link with the latest update of the BCC. So sad the DPWH did not approve the diggings.
Yamashita's Treasure FOUND! / Re: Yamashita treasure at UP Baguio lot?
« Last post by Bose Yu on October 17, 2018, 08:50:11 PM »
Last reply on this thread is over a year already and so far this is the only link with the latest update of the BCC. So sad the DPWH did not approve the diggings.
Of the "Japanese vaults" that I have seen, that are REAL, they are not really vaults like something you walk into.  This is a specially mixed cement that can be used for a number or reasons.  I have seen it used as a capping layer, flat boundary, as a cap or hat shaped shield and as a box shape encasing the treasure.  If it is for boxing or such and most often as a cap and shield, it will measure in even Meter increments.  The color is a very light tan or off white with the slightest of yellow cast to it.  The crystal structure is very fine or creamy, there is no aggriget or inclusions.  The surface will be smooth as if it was trowled smooth, which it often is.  Sharp corners to the shape.  And it is really HARD.  Concrete or cement is easier to break because for among other reasons, the mix of shapes and larger grain size of the mix, makes for easier fracturing or breaking.  The more homogeneous a mix is, the harder it is to break down or cut.  This is not a traditional lime stone cement.  It is a special mix of naturally occurring material found only in China.

The last REAL vault box's I personally examined, that is stood on, ran my hands on and whacked on with a hammer, was two years ago.  One was 1meter x 2meter and the other was 3meter x 3meter.  Both were next to each other.  The smaller one was found at the base of a set of stairs and the larger one is dead square in the middle of the room.  This was just 12 inches under the floor of the inside of an old Filipino government building.  Not possible to open them as the PH government did not want them to be opened.  So I guess some senator, governor or president will do that themselves after I identified and located them, for them naturally.  Oh well I tried.

Thank you for your comment Sir renantiur.

cement vaults made by the japanese dont look like cements or dont look like foundations of a house. they more look like a boulder and sometimes, they are like cements that are not smooth. mostly they are 2-5 feet thick.

u will know they are cement vaults when a jackhammer and a breaker of a big backhoe cannot break it. in the video, they were able to break it. that tells you it is not a cement vault but a hard foundation of a house structure made a long time ago.

in my area, two bulldozers and one backhoe were not able to break a cement vault. that tells you its a cement vault. the bucket of the said backhoe was broken. when the owner came to know it, they immediately stopped working on the said area and returned all the exacavated materials to cover it.

you know what, in the philippines, talk is cheap. when nothing is found on the cement, everybody would wag their tongues and tell oh, the cement was replaced. oh, the owner might have replaced it with another vault.

that is the reason why the owner of the cement made a dare to open it in the public in the first place. because none was found.

picture before and after of the vaults are the same. same foundation of the house. not a cement vault.
Sir renantiur: What if the original vault was replaced with another vault as I've mentioned in my question/thought # 2 above considering the fact that this vault was moved to some other place off in public? And it was also mentioned (If I get it right) that there were originally 3 vaults? Just my thought.
Philippines / Re: BSP Minting Facility Displayed 12.5kg gold bar
« Last post by Bose Yu on October 13, 2018, 10:05:08 PM »
Topic is 9 years old but since I've read it, maybe I can post a thought of mine. Basing on its weight which is 12.5 kg, well it can still be lifted by 1 hand because even a 25 kg of rice sack is also doable. Which is double of the said Gold's weight. Hehe. If I was there and got an opportunity, well maybe I can try and lift it also. Lol
General Chat about WWII LOOT / Re: Should I post this book I purchased here??
« Last post by Bose Yu on October 10, 2018, 09:43:58 AM »
Another thread with almost 3 years in its last reply. I get the point of "Panner". I just actually came across with this thread and found out that the book in azw file is still downloadable. It's almost a thousand pages so it needs an amount of time reading but I definitely know that it's going to be worth. Gonna read this... Soon. :)

Anyway, thanks to "luisvl" even though his last active time was around 5 months ago.
GOLD Buying Info / Re: How to transport your Gold or Precious Metal
« Last post by admin on October 09, 2018, 09:48:09 PM »
Great advice! I agree 100%

the hardest part is getting the gold, even a little of it. dont plan too much on selling when you have not yet hit the gold urself first. you can plan but do not sweat out the details so much first when you have not even obtained the gold first.
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