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For the slit of the rock marker measure..11 meters forward 90 deg. East..and check it through trenching..

Hello Caped;

That rock with a nail marker,..Sounds so interesting..

Check that nail for some marker,.Grooves either horizontal,vertical or slanting..
Use magnifying lens to check some letters or numbers that was mark on that nail
because some of the markers are not visible by the human eyes..
and lastly if their was no marker on the said nail,,Count all the rocks on the area same
as the size of that rock with the nail markers and that would be your degree..

Treasure Marks, Signs and Symbols of the Yamashita Treasure / Re: Treasure sign found
« Last post by NORTHSTAR on December 10, 2014, 02:03:33 PM »
Hello Shaui3;

That bottle is perfectly a marker,if it is unearthed at level 3 to 6 ft. from the surface...

M  - Represents for a deposit
51 - If it is distance,..then it will be 51 Meters forward with a direction of 169 deg. SSE,,..
     - If it is a degree then it is 287 deg.. WWN in your compass..
UNDERBERG - just an opinion From this bottle take a 169 deg. SSE in your compass..for a direction

Thanks and Good Luck..
hi. thanks for the reply. there are quite a few signs on rocks nearby. this is on a hill by the ocean. and there is a tree with some dots and and arrow but the arrow is pointing diagonally up and right. when you follow the arrow up the tree we found a nail. please see photo

on 3 other rocks near it, the largest rock has 7XK. across the 7XK is another rock that has a sign like an arrow that looks like a 7. different from the 7 in the 7XK. behing the rock with the 7 is the tree i mentioned with the dots and arrow. a few yards from this tree, there is another rock with a letter B. this rock was broken and a hole was dug 6 feet underneath. only after the whole was dug that a MD was used (TM808). positive reading when going over the open hole but im guessing could be false. stopped at  the moment and waiting for a scanner. soil  is disturbed for sure.

another rock in the area had a nail bent 90 degrees. this nail is pointing towards a cave that some TH opened back in the 80s. no success but the cave is filled with water now.

im guessing there might be a few giveaways in the area. very hard terrain to detect on as its quite steep. do you think the rock with a B would have something under? thanks
GOLD Buying Info / Re: Is there any BUYER for "unfinished" Au in form of stone/rock?
« Last post by renantiur on December 06, 2014, 12:04:05 PM »

as some have said, the buyer is not really a problem. the problem is if you have a legitimate and genuine item. have it assayed .  or gold pan it using water. all the gold residue will separate and you sell it in the central bank or in gold smith.

if you are not sure if you have a gold or not and you peddle it to others, you will be charged with swindling if it turns out to be fake or pyrite. you will not be differentiated from those who are gold scammers.
found more or less 30 ft. somewhere here in the Cordillera's.
 Clearly there is a treasure down there but it doesnt mean that your target is right beneath that log because the buried treasures in that area are separated and segregated accordingly. It's not appropiate to tell you the spot by guessing because i am not expert in code reading. I am only doing it by mapping the entire area and after that i'll tell you where to begin. If ou ever recover the first then you can go to the next deeper deposit.
  Happy hunting!
2 yds.. maybe below or some direction. check other signs near by. it may point to either north or east.. have a test dig of 1m and check the soil structure is it is disturbed or undisturbed.
Treasure Marks, Signs and Symbols of the Yamashita Treasure / Re: Treasure sign found
« Last post by shaui3 on December 05, 2014, 03:14:32 PM »
and more...
that brown stone really says its not a natural stone. is anyone has knowledge or can interpret the meaning? so we can be guided...
Treasure Marks, Signs and Symbols of the Yamashita Treasure / Re: Treasure sign found
« Last post by shaui3 on December 05, 2014, 02:56:28 PM »
more signs...
we found this stone markings at 4-5 meters below the ground.

we just continue digging until we reach 6m and then water came and never stop. and so we stopped

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