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The latest SEA Treasure & Archaelolgy NEWS here! / Re: WWII Shipwreck Gold Recovery
« Last post by lucky on August 20, 2016, 08:32:46 AM »
I think this is the link and video. goodluck
General Chat about WWII LOOT / Re: Kempeitai and their Korean front soldiers
« Last post by ZOBEX on August 19, 2016, 11:26:52 PM »
Here is a weird one we found just before the elections and my chosen retirement from TH.  ( A smart man knows when to quit , ALIVE )

A catholic church was examined ( looking for treasure missed by the previous President ) and we found the weirdest thing.  The lime stone block walls are on a basically 1.5 meter wide footing that is based about 1 meter below the ground surface layer.  Church is like 175 years old.  Now the weird thing.  The church has a dungeon or what ever the length of the church like most do and there is an exit tunnel going out side ways to another area.  That tunnel was collapsing causing an obvious soft spot, so we investigated.  That led to making test digs along the outside wall down to the base of the outside wall footing.  That being the 2-3 story tall outside wall.  For the weird part.  Every place we dug a test pit to check the point of the base of the outside wall footing, we found a row of skeletons.  At lest for the entire outside wall length of the church, the foundation wall footing stones were placed on top of a row of dead people.  The first thing that went into the wall footing trench was a row of dead people.  That is the weirdest thing.  Because I can not see how anyone could dig the full length of the bearing wall footing and shove bodies under the footing.  Soo, the people were killed or dead and put into the trench when the wall was initially constructed.  Like almost 200 years ago.

Stumps me what what was going on.  We have fond dead priests and priest coffins before and even priests buried in walls but never this.  This is more like middle ages Europe.

Not a Korean story but , weird.


General Chat about WWII LOOT / Re: Kempeitai and their Korean front soldiers
« Last post by ZOBEX on August 19, 2016, 11:09:48 PM »
In the book, "The Blood and Mud in the Philippines: Anti-Guerrilla Warfare on Panay Island" by Toshimi Kumai, former captain and adjutant officer, the author narrated  in chapter 6:

A Filipino guerrilla account describes what happened:
It was a gruesome carnival of blood and fire that the Japs celebrated in northeastern Panay. The thoroughness with which they executed their campaign of destruction could be seen by the long rows of leaping flames at night. Houses and inflammable shrubs, talahib (tall thick grasses) and dried forests were ablaze. The bloodthirsty Japs cried for more blood. The Chinese evacuees at barrio Longao in Passi were rounded up and ordered to prepare a sumptuous banquet. After the Japs had their fill, the fear-stricken Chinese numbering around 86, were hog-tied and burned to death in the very house where the Japs feasted. Corpses of men and women, and the children were strewn along the mountain trails in Dumarao, Passi and Barotac Viejo. In the municipality of Sara only one person out of the entire population of a barrio survived the samurai. In another massacre , 48 men, women and children who sought refuge in the last retreat atop the Yating mountains were ruthlessly murdered.
... The number of deaths of civilian residents was 10,042 between July and until end of December 1943". (Note: wikipedia estimates our total deaths from 119,000 to 500,00 military and civilian)

Well sleeping beauty maybe it's time for you to wake up to the reality that the Korean crap is just a black propaganda to absolve the Japanese.  That's why if you knew of a Japanese digging for treasure report him to the authorities.  Personally I'm more inclined to be lenient to Americans; 71,000 + of them killed and wounded aside from those missing in the Philippine-campaign; they deserve a piece of the pie

Remember " Korea " was a captured part of Imperial Japan going well before WW2 , an area that Japan wanted to convert into Japanese society.  You must remember that as a whole ( not 100% ) Japanese and in particular Chinese are very racist.  So Koreans were never fully Japanese .  That is why by rule Koreans were not permitted to rise in society over a certain level and Koreans were established and formed into separate Korean ethnic military units with Korean officers never permitted to rise over a certain level.  Above that level, all command was by a blood Japanese.  Because of this ethnic Koreans were always striving to get approval by ethnic Japanese and in governmental and in particular Military structure this resulted in a rather brutal and ruthless mental approach by ethnic Koreans.  Naturally this deliberately installed sense of lower self worth was utilized by the Japanese to manipulate etc. the Koreans.

This takes us to ethnic Korean formations of Japanese military, part of the IJA.  Yes, historically, ethnic Korean units of the Japanese military, IJA, were exceptionally brutal and barbaric.   This barbarism was utilized by the ethnic Japanese.  Some 7 years ago I was asked to excavate a former IJA officers command post on the island of Bohol.  A nice hose by those days on a small island.  Two story on stilts.  After digging we learned this was in fact a Korean IJA command post and the hose was low rank ethnic Korean as I said.  Under the hose was a lot of ammo, few coins etc. and behind was a mass of shallow graves.  All young girls.  Still living old people said the officers on a daily basis would abduct young girls on the island, gang rape them in the hose and then take them out behind and cut their heads off.  Bury the bodies.  One problem was, the area was running low on suitable young girls to rape and kill.  The old people still kind of shuttered when telling of the screaming, crying and such that came out of the house on effectually a daily basis.  I liked the house but it was totally full of bad spirits.  When the local church bells would ring, all kinds of weird things would happen.

Attached are pics of the underside of the house.  First shot shows the house first floor as you would see it with your eyes.  Next shot shows what would always happen to camera shots when the church bells would ring.  There were voices, screaming and all kinds of weird things going on in the house.  No it is not camera shaking, look at the back bumper of the multicab.  No movement, but light beams coming in through slots in the walls would get all weird.  One guy got possessed, started talking in Japanese, attacked and try to kill another there, guy during a Shinto ceremony we were doing in the room.


General Chat about WWII LOOT / Re: Kempeitai and their Korean front soldiers
« Last post by fom1113 on August 19, 2016, 08:46:35 PM »
 Korea is an ally of Japan. The gold of Netherlands was looted in Indochina before the end of the war. The treasures were burried at the foot of a mountain beside the WW2 airstrip that became plantation at present time. It is in a big island here in the Philippines. Both Japanese and Korean teams made their part to bury the loot in two separate area simultaneously although supervised by Japanese engineering team. Both the treasure spots of Koreans and Japanese have common styles in treasure vault positions and engineering. In 3 separate occations 1 Japanese and 2 groups of Koreans came to buy a certain spot of the hill which the lot owner refused to sell. The detail of the story was told to the lot owner by a Japanese and the late General loyal to Marcos.

The place is frequently monitored.
Nickel Babbitt / Re: Nickel Babbitt
« Last post by Voyager on August 19, 2016, 09:03:08 AM »
Zobex  had a video of a "Golden Lily" site of nickel bobbit his group discovered somewhere here. You should see it
Are you really a beauty as you say you are? Maybe you should have a trusted man to act as a close in bodyguard and a beretta 70 at your side whenever you go exploring. Just an advice...
General Chat about WWII LOOT / Re: Kempeitai and their Korean front soldiers
« Last post by Voyager on August 19, 2016, 08:51:18 AM »
Yes we knew their cover - projects 4 the community. . One LGU head tricked them when he assigned his trusted man to always accompany them wherever they go - never to leave them even for a moment. When the day finally came that they recover the give away - 1 box - the trustee was there to inform the LGU head. So the head ended up getting the box instead of the Japanese and the latter left the project leaving their brand new backhoe and bulldozer!!
Where's the video link po?....
General Chat about WWII LOOT / Re: Kempeitai and their Korean front soldiers
« Last post by SleepingBeauty on August 18, 2016, 10:51:01 PM »
Thanks Voyager! Interesting read on the JIA and the atrocities on both sides. So it was black propaganda after all....

I don't know of Japanese who are TH so far but I have heard of them...

According to my source, they use a lot of legal cover....

Thanks. Yes nearby is a small cave....

According to my source, it was explored 3 years ago. There's a hard cement tomb-like structure in the middle of the cave with some bones. He said at that time it was dark and limited light available. We plan to go there this year if weather is better po.....

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