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James_satander, My own analysis of your findings are all natures in shape But only for the broken glass that i was wondering? why don't you bring said glass in the pawnshop or in a goldsmith coz they have the right detectors to examine it? thanks
Treasure Marks, Signs and Symbols of the Yamashita Treasure / Re: ROCK WITH "X" MARK
« Last post by mighty on January 22, 2015, 11:19:47 PM »
Thank you witboy for your nice and positive reply. Actually this is near to my other post in the mountainous forest and perhaps korek ka jan! i'll show you said post. Tnx again and godblz..
Treasure Marks, Signs and Symbols of the Yamashita Treasure / Re: ROCK WITH "X" MARK
« Last post by witboy on January 22, 2015, 08:34:14 AM »
One of the lines seem natural but the other seems man-made so the sign could be a subtle one as they blended the two. The X seems big so the object could be far away. Try following both ends of the man-made line of the X as far as you can go and you might come upon other markers. Good luck!
Treasure Marks, Signs and Symbols of the Yamashita Treasure / ROCK WITH "X" MARK
« Last post by mighty on January 22, 2015, 07:33:56 AM »
Hello Yamashita Experts! We found this huge Rock with X mark near the camp of a PNP-SPECIAL ACTION FORCE. but so far this is untouchable yet fearing of police intervention. Can you interpret and give recommendations on what to do? Thank you
Treasure Marks, Signs and Symbols of the Yamashita Treasure / Treasured Filed Rocks
« Last post by mighty on January 22, 2015, 12:49:11 AM »
Hi everyone! Happy New Year! Anybody can decipher these Filed Rocks found in a mountainous forest area?  Thank you..
Philippines / Metals buyers in southern/central Luzon?
« Last post by rwbehne1 on January 19, 2015, 03:21:01 PM »
I'm looking for a list of all reputable buyers in southern/central Luzon. Can anyone provide a list?

In the past I did business with Tom of Philtec, but I lost his cell phone number and his website is missing.

Thanks for any timely help,
Hi Shaui3,

Just what is the presentation of that Underberg bottle basing on its contents marking?, is it a 20 ml bottle or otherwise?
If it is a 20 ml bottle then there's greater possibility that it was post world war two bottle but if its not a 20 ml bottle then more possibility that it was buried there during ww2 times.
Please take note of this;

Is Underberg available only in 20ml bottles?

Underberg was first launched in 1846, and until 1949 it was marketed in various bottle sizes. Following the end of World War II, Underberg was sold only in the portion bottles designed at the time. Since then, Underberg has been available in the 20ml portion bottles exclusively.

There was a good reason for choosing the Underberg bottle of that size. Amongst other things it is forgery-proof, it replaces a drinking vessel when travelling, and due to various packaging sizes it can easily be taken along anywhere: a 2-bottle package for the handbag, a 4-bottle package for travelling, and the 12-bottle package for storage. These advantages cannot be provided by a 0.7 litre bottle.

German made artifacts such as that bottle, however, has great significance or connection with the Japanese Imperial Army because during world war two, the only ally nation of the Jap Government was Germany.
Germany provided Japan two jet engines in exchange for gold bars to be fitted in there war planes (only one jet engine reached Japan however).
Another, sometimes Jap loot markers bore a SWAZTICA SIGN such as this photo i attached below....
Treasure Marks, Signs and Symbols of the Yamashita Treasure / Re: Treasure sign found
« Last post by shaui3 on January 18, 2015, 07:48:51 PM »
Thanks TSEATC admin for registration,
I would like to seek TH geniuses for their opinion and suggestions to our project in Northern Luzon, as per my researches there are different markings found in Mindanao and in Northern Luzon, and they have different meaning depending on the location.

I made a blog so you'll see the pictures video I took from our project.
Let me know What you think about it....

we stopped the project because of we are out of fund, until we got the resources and we think of the best way to finish it....

the images attached is the bottle we found in our site, brand name: UNDERBERG, at the bottom there is number 51. so we are thinking if the item is below 51meter, 51 feet or should we refer to the LUZVIMINDA code 51 means treasure underwater... or it is just a bottle, or it is really a markings or sign. ftp://

the other one is a small stone which looks like a boots with a perfect hole. an engr told me it could be a sign of a tunnel. we found this about 5meters below the ground.

This bottle is for the Underberg bitter herb alcohol drink / tonic.  The company ceased production in 1939 and then restarted production in 1949.  The glass is dark to protect the herbal mixture from sun light.  This is an early Post War bottle made in 1951.  The 51 is a two digit date code made by the bottle manufacturer who supplied the bottles to the Underberg company.  Prior to WW2 a single digit date code with or without a dot(s) was used for dating.  Prewar bottles were most often cork stopper and hand blown even in on large scale productions.  Post war were machine made and often pressed glass like this one.  Later bottles were not pressed but paper label wrapped.


Thanks Zobex for your response and giving me some important details about the bottle.
But I wonder... we recover this bottle 5 -6 meters below the surface after we found the concrete slab. We found the concrete slab under the pile of big rocks, under the big tree.

please see attached picture, in that the hole we found it there.

if you are saying that this is a post war bottle, then it has nothing to do with YT... and so why is a german made bottle was recovered in this depth, in this area?
 Maybe that is a tip or detonator of an artillery or mortar round. Just a guess because i'm not expert in the history of military armament. Someone here can answer you for that accurately.
 Regarding your target deposits or vaults. Inspect the alignment of that avocado tree to other old trees nearby. If you found other old trees to left and right then measure its distance. It should be 5 meters away from north to south.  If this is the case then dig down to the tree at the middle. Like for example two other trees left and two at right then the avocado tree is the spot of small deposits. Sometimes trees were ligned to big rocks which are accountable. I am refering to the small shallow cache not the 9 main vaults represented by bottles you found.
GOLD Mining Tips and Info Here! / Re: Gold Mining Consutlant Needed!!!
« Last post by Ben Valmores on January 17, 2015, 09:32:43 PM »
ok :) ;)
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