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Pump water so you can see what you have.  Make sure it is actually man made.  Once inside an IJA complex there is no more decoy fake walls ( well almost and yes we found a couple of exceptions ).

Pump water, take measurements and lots of good photographs.  I invested in a couple of good digital cameras.  In the long run they are worth every peso I paid for them.


Just what was that???? we looked at each other very anxiously...


May I suggest steel fuel drums or worse bouncy antisubmarine depth charges.  Not being funny.  We personally have run into both of those.  You see, fuel drums of oil or gasoline will float.  In the tunnel in Zamboanga there was a pyramid of fuel drums with a depth charge on top set with two " pistons ".  We bypassed them, long, long story.  Found fuel drums on the stair case in the Bukidnon tunnel complex, they were daisy chained with a trip wire and one was, I was told by an expert, a magnetic trip depth charge.  We decided to completely bypass that tunnel annex.

Just saying, sounds like fuel drums in the chamber and as it floods the fuel drums are rising and either hitting the sides or ceiling of the tunnel complex.  As you were digging you let off the air lock on the complex, it can breath so now it will flood.  We have had that too.  A tunnel is good for not more than 6 weeks when you open one.  It starts to fall apart after that.

If I was digging, that would be my interpretation.  But again I make mistakes to.

I have also found similar funny or odd shaped cement like objects in a 100% vault complex.  Were found with 22 remains of IJA all laying out in rows like on military formation.

The problem with flat land deposits or vaults is, they generally are deep, there is flooding problems and pumping out water on flat land is a pain in the butt.

I'm rooting for you there Ben.


Hello Ben and welcome back! It's always nice to see your project updates here!

The best of luck to you guys!
Some of the markers we found........
Some of the markers we found........
Anyways here's some photos for your reference.
Some of the markers we found........
Now, presently our problem is the water which sets at approximately 60 feet, we will soon produce submersible pumps.
We planned to drain the water and see whats the situation now at the culvert tunnel and the believed collapsed door, and just what was that clanging, cling tsang, tsing tsing sound was??? ???

If you were to decide folks, which way should it best be penetrated?--go back to the culvert tunnel and check it or go at the 50 feet level whre the"lapida" or tombstone was found and dig down straight sinking??

suggestions please Zobex, any help? and the rest of the best hunters here i will welcome your thoughts....
Thank you in advance for any insightful ideas.....
Be back again next weekend....
second day after the banging and clanging sound.....
after the crumbling and the clanging, water is at our necks level infront of the culverts entrance...
after the crumbling and the clanging, water is at our necks level infront of the culverts entrance...
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