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GOLD Buying Info / Is there any BUYER for "unfinished" Au in form of stone/rock?
« Last post by tesseract on November 16, 2014, 09:36:44 PM »
Hi you guys just wanna ask if you have a buyer who deals with "unfinished gold" or gold mixed in stone/rocks. This is one method I know of WW2 JIA to conceal gold. We have a rock which estimates I guess around 10tons and from my other project it weighs around 1ton. I just don't know how much they cost considering the processing fees to extract the gold from it.
Treasure Marks, Signs and Symbols of the Yamashita Treasure / Re: turtle on the beach
« Last post by ZOBEX on November 16, 2014, 04:17:03 PM »
well, i can't see any turtle or a definite resemblance of it.
what i see are just naturally shaped roks

I agree with Zeeker, Not a turtle.  Perhaps an interesting grouping of rocks and if out of character for the area, could possibly be a marker.  But, I don't believe it is a turtle.  Just an opinion.


That diagram you just posted should also be in ENGLISH.. not Tagalog.


i just uploaded it as it is. it came from this forum btw, just don't remember which thread
Treasure Marks, Signs and Symbols of the Yamashita Treasure / Re: Hard Rock/Wall
« Last post by admin on November 16, 2014, 12:14:43 AM »
That definitely is man-made. There must be a secret or hidden passage somewhere inside there.
That diagram you just posted should also be in ENGLISH.. not Tagalog.

Treasure Marks, Signs and Symbols of the Yamashita Treasure / Hard Rock/Wall
« Last post by aubars24 on November 15, 2014, 10:56:49 PM »

I would like to hear your opinion about our project.
We found a rock that looks like a door/wall (attached: Rock1) which we dug towards it facing east. While digging, we noticed that its like a passage where the flooring and ceiling are flat (about 6ft). Can anyone advise if Rock1's sign ((like a V shape line) meant something?
As we dig through, in about 3 ft we've seen the 2nd rock/wall (attached Rock2). Both of these rocks/wall are like hard cement, its so hard that cause too much dust when jackhammered.
Are we on the right track? Someone said we need to penetrate the same kind of rock/wall for 5 times, before we enter a chamber. Is it true?
Any thoughts please?
Thank you in advance.

NORTHSTAR'S ISOMETRIC MAP THEORY / Re: please solve these tru ur method sir..
« Last post by NORTHSTAR on November 15, 2014, 03:05:05 PM »
Hello Wacky22;

Regarding this site,..I will give you detailed information about this site.

1st.. The triangular positions of the old narra tree..If it is Equilateral dig the center of the triangle..If it is an isosceles then look for
the old narra tree or tree that similar to the leaves of the Narra tree forward..

2nd..That online Santol Tree,..based on your illustration their is an old santol Tree far from that online 4 Santol Tree,.Use a compass
from that 5th santol tree,..take a 90 deg. east 11 ft. forward and dig or go for trenching 4 to 6 ft. watchout for the marker,like Old bottle,
jar,a  piece of metal,,etc.or rather a rock which could possibly the cap,..If you couldn't found anything..use this distance 11 or 22 meters from that 5th. old Santol tree..Go for trenching..Just an opinion

3rd..Regarding that old bamboo tree use that 1st. method it is almost the same..

Northstar ;D
Hello Wacky;

Post the bottle or rather tell us the number that written on the bottom of the bottle.,Just a piece of advice also
buy an manifying lens because some of the instruction are not visible on human eyes..That old avocado would be
the base,..And your correct that bottom of the bottle would lead you to the exact location of the treasure.

Treasure Marks, Signs and Symbols of the Yamashita Treasure / Re: NATURAL ROCKS OR NOT?
« Last post by zeeker on November 15, 2014, 09:39:36 AM »
I talked ti a medical doctor, it is not a pevic bone, human skeleton on that area is hollow. The last picture is the skull of an alligator. Point is, it is an animal skull. No other bines found. It is on top of row of logs. What does it mean? Thanks in advance

maybe a sacrificial symbol?
The diagram of Witboy (9.60) is truly accurate. Its orientation is confusing but there is a secret solution. They are oriented to magnetic north and that is the key where to start.

 The design is identical everywhere in Luzon and Visayas, maybe in Mindanao area too.

i suggest you make a separate thread for a more detailed explanation sir fom1113, am sure its not only me who are interested to know :)
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