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At 70ft a large funnel (3ft dia at large end) made of some type of plastic was discovered. At around 75 ft there were 3 large cement boxes found.
4ft x 6ft. Broke them open to find nothing. Suspect funnel was used in making the boxes, but why empty, to discourage digging? Then at 77 ft there is the same transparent plastic (light brown or beige color) covering the floor and some of the side walls of the dig. It is making the dig very difficult as the jack hammer absorbs into it and does not brake off in chunks like the cemented dirt. The only plastics available then were Bakelite and celluloid. I searched the internet and found Celluloid factory's in Japan during that era so I suppose it could be that. I did not find anything similar searching the forums. Has anyone had a similar find that could shed some light on this and best way to get through it. I'm hoping to get some pics soon.
thank u very much. we will communicate with your given no.
General Yamashita's Treasure Questions & Info / Re: Gener Map 101
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here's another link to How to locate YM Treasure,558.0.html
General Yamashita's Treasure Questions & Info / Re: Gener Map 101
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only one page out of 105. where we can find those missing pages ???
Sorry Admin/TW! I thank MG for his opinion and promise to give him share if we succeed. as i've said near to that spot had found an empty jar, a round stone marker and waterfall with manhole in the center covered by piled rocks. MG, would agree to my carabao english? can you also translate this in own? thank you..
MG and Mighty,
English only please.
many tnx MG. may balato ka sakin pag pinalad tau. malapit lang jan ung may nakuhang empty Jar, Round Stone Marker at Waterfalls na may manhole covered by filed rocks. godblz
try digging beneath that per others experience karamihan sa mga J marker malapit lng sa mismong marker or just underneath ang treasure.good luck
Thank you for your inputs NS. I will go back to the site this weekend and by the way, below are the clearer pictures of the rock marker.

I haven't found J marking on the rock. It only has two engravings. Pic 1 is the Back view of the rock on the picture above; Pic 2 is the sign on its southern side; and Pic 3 is the sign on its northern side. The smaller hole on Pic 3 is just 2-inch deep and 3-inch wide while the bigger hole is 2-feet deep and 1-ft. wide.
ws96, your Site is semilar to mine and heres below. i hope somebody can give the real interpretation. thank you
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