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Divers Find 1468 Wreck That May Hold Millions in Coins
May 6, 2015 /

 (Newser) – An international team of divers has discovered a long-sought 15th-century shipwreck just south of the island of Jussarö in Finland. When the Hanneke Wrome sank in 1468 during heavy storms in the Baltic Sea on its way from Germany to Estonia, it was considered one of the biggest maritime disasters of its era—and not just because 200 passengers and crew went down with the vessel. The ship was also carrying coveted cargo, including 200 parcels of fabric, 1,200 barrels of honey, jewelry, and 10,000 gold coins thought to be worth more than $56 million today, reports Ancient Origins.

The divers, led by renowned Finnish wreck researcher Rauno Koivusaari (who found the treasure ship Vrouw Maria in 1999), began looking for the Hanneke Wrome last year.

They came across a vessel roughly 100 feet long that includes three decently-preserved sections—a keel, mast, and anchor—that were "scattered in east-west direction, confirming the dynamic of the sinking during the eastern storm," Koivusaari tells Discovery News.

Named after the ship's captain, the Hanneke Wrome was actually one of two ships caught in the same storm, though the other managed to reach the destination port in Tallinn, Estonia.

While the divers have found a barrel lid, roof tiles, and a lead object, they have yet to uncover the gold coins, though Koivusaari appears confident they, too, are preserved. (Millions in silver have just been recovered from a WWII wreck.)

PHOTO: Finnish diver Rauno Koivusaari came across the long sought-after shipwreck near the island of Jussar in Finland.
General Yamashita's Treasure Questions & Info / Tunnel Traps...
« Last post by ienveni on May 07, 2015, 04:01:49 AM »
What are the most encountered traps experienced TH found on tunnels.... Poison, bombs, Spikes, mines...

How to deal with it SAFELY.... Best if you share your stories.... Thanks in advance... More power!
Treasure Marks, Signs and Symbols of the Yamashita Treasure / Re: V Rock
« Last post by admin on May 07, 2015, 03:08:32 AM »
Cool. Thanks for sharing.
Can anyone help me reconnect with sir Dindo. I just need to ask few things. If by chance he would ask, please tell him that it concerns the boy from mallig. :) thanks! Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this.
Treasure Marks, Signs and Symbols of the Yamashita Treasure / V Rock
« Last post by ZOBEX on May 05, 2015, 10:39:56 AM »
Sharing some look see's this week.  This is a hand carved " V Rock " which is often interpreted as a symbolic water fall, the water poring over the V to the target below.  There is two clumps of fine leaf bamboo in front of this rock, the three forming a triangle.  In the triangle at a depth of 5 feet was found a black ceramic bowl.  The local tribals say there is "a spirit " there in front of the rock and they won't dig any further there.  When I take pictures of the v rock, I get orbs but not when taking pictures of the surrounding area.  No flash on camera and it is under tree cover, no direct sun light.  About 200 meters away are two century mango trees.  Both were planted on their side and both parallel in pointing INTO the wind.  A box of gold was recovered under each tree at a depth of 1.5 meters each.  The local NPA found that gold.


General chat that may NOT be SEA or TREASURE related / Re: why did he go there?????
« Last post by ZOBEX on April 21, 2015, 07:41:22 PM »
OMG.. this sounds really far-fetched. If that really happened he should and would be in jail by now.

bill gates is tied up with monsanto. he was in irri simply to push gmo ricr in the philippines. just like his gmo bananas in africa. you can google bill gates eugenics and you will find info on this. he pretends to be helping but gmo isnt safe and actually causes cancer and tumors. in india, 45000 children got paralyzed because of a vaccine which was developed by the bill gates foundation. decreasing the poppulation back to 1 billion by 2050 is their goal.
I disagree, on these particular ships the seal was heavy cast gold and would still be clean and clear, not covered in crud.


US billionaire says WWII Japanese ship found in Philippines

Microsoft co-founder of Bill Gates, Paul Allen said Wednesday he had found one of Japan's biggest and most famous battleships on a Philippine seabed, some 70 years after American forces sank it during World War II.
Excited historians likened the discovery, if verified, to finding the Titanic, as they hailed the American billionaire for his high-tech mission that apparently succeeded after so many failed search attempts by others.
Allen posted photos and video online of parts of what he said was the battleship Musashi, found by his M/Y Octopus exploration vessel one kilometre (0.62 miles) deep on the floor of the Sibuyan Sea.
What is believed to be a gun turret on the Japanese Navy World War II battleship Musashi after it was found in the Sibuyan Sea, Philippines is shown in this image taken March 2, 2015 from the website
"World War II battleship Musashi sank 1944 is found," Allen announced in a Twitter post that has been re-tweeted close to 19,000 times.
The discovery was the end of an eight-year search for the Musashi, backed by historical data from four countries and using "advanced technology" that surveyed the seabed, Allen said in a statement on his website.
"I am honoured to play a part in finding this key vessel in naval history and honouring the memory of the incredible bravery of the men who served aboard her," Allen said.
Undersea footage on Allen's website showed what were described as a valve, a catapult for planes, a gun turret and a starboard anchor.
It also showed the space on the bow for the Japanese empire's Chrysanthemum seal.
This is a unique feature of the three biggest warships that Japan built during World War II, according to Kazushige Todaka, director of the Kure Maritime Museum in Japan.
- 'Destiny' -
"I'm almost certain that what was discovered is the battleship Musashi," he said, adding the find had huge historical importance.
"There have been so many efforts over the years to locate Musashi, but they all failed. I feel like the warship might have been destined to show itself this year -- the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II," Todaka said.
"With the memory of war slipping further and further from people's minds, I hope this discovery will help make the public think about history."
Manolo Quezon, a prominent historian in the Philippines and the presidential communications undersecretary, also said the Musashi wreck would be a "major" historical find if verified.
"This would be like finding the Titanic, because of the status of the ship and the interest on the ship," Quezon told AFP.
The Musashi was one of a trio of vessels built by Japan during the war that, at 263 metres (863 feet) each, were its biggest battleships ever.
American warplanes sank the Musashi on October 24, 1944, at the height of the Battle of Leyte Gulf, regarded as the largest naval encounter of the war in which US and Australian forces defeated the Japanese.
Dozens of Japanese warships that were sunk during World War II have since been found in the Philippines, with some of them now popular dive locations.
The Sibuyan Sea where the Musashi was reportedly found is at the heart of the Philippines' central Visayas islands, and is home to busy shipping lanes.
- Multi-dimensional billionaire -
The Seattle-born Allen, 62, who founded Microsoft with Bill Gates in 1975, is the world's 51st richest person with a net worth of $17.5 billion, according to Forbes Magazine.
He is also a famous philanthropist and businessman with a focus on innovation.
Allen is working on a project called Stratolaunch, which aims to put "cost-effective" cargo and manned missions into space.
He launched SpaceShipOne, the first privately built spacecraft, into sub-orbital space in 2004.
In Allen's statement on his website, he said he been driven to pursue the Musashi for many reasons.
"Since my youth, I have been fascinated with World War II history, inspired by my father's service in the US Army," he said.
"The Musashi is truly an engineering marvel and, as an engineer at heart, I have a deep appreciation for the technology and effort that went into its construction."

A.What is believed to be a gun turret on the Japanese Navy World War II battleship Musashi after it was found in the Sibuyan Sea, Philippines is shown in this image taken March 2, 2015

B.Map locating the Sibuyan Sea in the Philippines where Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen says he has located Japan's biggest WWII battleship

C.A wheel on a valve believed to be from a lower engineering area of the World War II Japanese battleship Musashi after it was found in Sibuyan Sea, Philippines, is shown in this image taken March 2, 2015

D.The bow of the World War II Japanese battleship Musashi after it was found in Sibuyan Sea, Philippines, is shown in this image taken March 2, 2015
Philippines / Re: Metals buyers in southern/central Luzon?
« Last post by admin on April 21, 2015, 12:04:21 AM »

What are you trying to sell?

MORE photos from above story....

PHOTO 6: The rupees, belonging to the UK Treasury, were being transported from India to England when the ship sunk

PHOTO 7: Underwater company Deep Ocean Search, which included 20 French oceanographers, was contracted by the UK Ministry of Transport to recover the coins from a record depth of 17,000ft - 4,500ft deeper than the Titanic

PHOTO 8: Keeping it under wraps: The recovery took place in 2013, but has only now been made public
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