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Shipwrecks & Sunken Treasure / How to break Vault Underwater
« Last post by HABAGAT on June 23, 2015, 10:16:49 AM »
To all TH Brothers,
I want to know if how to break a vault underwater as we dont have capacity to lift up also it can give attention to the people near the area as almost 200M away from the it possible by a hydraulic jack put in the center(Bottom) to stress the vault since our group is capable to dive through compressor.

Thank you and God Bless..
Treasure Marks, Signs and Symbols of the Yamashita Treasure / Nail in Mango Tree
« Last post by ZOBEX on June 23, 2015, 03:40:06 AM »
This is just an FYI for the members here.  All these years I never put any faith in the story of an Old Nail in a tree ( century tree ) either Mango or other.   BUT - - - .  We are using an original 100% authentic map and when decoded from code language which is not Kanji or such, it specifically said start with an Old Mango Tree with a nail in it.  The nail points or faces in the direction to go.  Well it was matched up.  Sorry I won't post pictures, we have a lot riding on this area and the nail did point to a large rock that when removed exposed a man made tunnel that is for the most part back filled with black sand.  There was a ceramic item just inside, buried in the black sand.  We can't find black sand in the entire general area.

So for what it is worth, Zobex is now looking at nails in old trees that is Century Trees.


Hello there. Newbie here. I just wanna know how reliable this accumeter pro vi partner with a L rod copper stick? According to our findings it is very positive that were on the right spot based on the accumeters result and the L rod's movement plus the visible cracks on the cement ground of the area. The owner of this area already dream that there is a creature askin him to follow and catch and all of a sudden when he grab the creature it became a smoke and went underground on that spot. And it happens most of the time not just to him but even to his children, even some of thier guest mentioned that there is a guardian guarding some valuable items below but those guest were never told about any of this. According to the land owner, there is a history of japs encampent on this area but there are no visible markers left. Its been said that some folks in the neighbor already found some treasures years ago.

Please enlighten me and give us courage to dig. Thank you
Hi there!

Please see this photo and need your comment please...
Actually I only have this photo...from my friend. I was curious when I saw this photo that's why I asked my friend to go with him one time and I myself had witnessed the actual situation of the site.
I can narrate to you all the actual scenario of the this sign. Actually my friend asked my help for interpreting those signs. First, they found one stone like a monument marker with the head like and eagle or snake and the neck portion was bended like a horse shoe/letter C. The mouth of this stone monument is pointing to the big rock and beside this big rock there is a very old tree more than 100 years of age just like a bonsai type of tree. First session in digging we found a stone fish marker, and a stone like fat pig marker pointing to this big rock. There is also a rock with the head like a horse and the mouth of the horse is pointing to the bottom of the rock. I will post later all the markers we had gathered.
can you post a better picture, one close up and the rest at least showing the rock in different angles.

Treasure Marks, Signs and Symbols of the Yamashita Treasure / Re: V Rock
« Last post by admin on June 20, 2015, 11:12:23 PM »
Hello Everyone!

Im a newbie here,
Please help me interpret this sign. There is a tree more than 100years old in the land mark.

Clarise, Welcome! With the picture you put there I can't really see anything. You should try to post a better picture or just write out the sign on a piece of paper and post that.
now any ideas please???,,

 i have my interpretations, but they say two heads is better than one, hence i enjoin the great minds here on their insightful ideas...what does this mean to you?....

can you post a better picture, one close up and the rest at least showing the rock in different angles.
General Yamashita's Treasure Questions & Info / Re: Ceremony of the Dead
« Last post by joe on June 19, 2015, 03:37:36 PM »
 ;D all of this very true , even the treasure guard(agta) who transfer the treasure from one place to there place  ??? we encounter this from our tunnel. at first we dont believe on all what the tambalan told us. but when the treasure guard meet with my friend worker in there house and told him what they did, they even show him all the treasure,(all of this not on a Dream, but @1am on the big manggo tree) and told him to do some ceremonial.... and wait for there sign :-\
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