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Yes. Very interesting. Keep it coming boys!
General Chat about WWII LOOT / Re: Movies about the Japanese during WW2
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Very interesting. I'll be watching that!
Good article.

The pic on top seems to be the one from Gingoog right? Where they able to cash it out?
For Sale in SEA / any coin/bank notes for sale?
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pm me
Wanted to Buy in SEA / wanted to buy coins and notes
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post your coin or bank notes. or pm me. thanks
Details aside, most stories agree each “Mother Box” contains 13 cases and a Treaty Of Versailles scroll describing how to redeem the bonds. 12 of the cases contain the bonds. Why twelve cases? There are 12 Federal Reserve Districts and Banks. The 13th case contains all of the safe transit and authentication papers. The bonds are variously reported to have been found at plane crash sites in the Philippines..

BUT Beware: The best guess efforts of the US authorities who report dealing with over 50 Mother Boxes per year is that they come from a remote printing and chest factory on the island of Mindanao.

HISTORY: The Federal Reserve Bank with the supervision and direction of the US TREASURY started then to print and pack
a) Federal Reserve Bonds (FRB'S)
b) Federal Reserve Notes ( FRN'S )
c) Cash ( Currency ) Boxes, also known as Wells Fargo, First National City Bank and Bank of New York Boxes.
OVER ONE MILLION boxes were created, packed and shipped to the PHILIPPINES. There were about over 60 types of different boxes. The value of the smallest FRB / FRN boxes started at $ 25 BILLION plus 30 years interest at 4% per ANNUM (via Coupons).
The largest box this writer so far has encountered had a value of US$ 197 TRILLION and measured 3 x 3 x 10 meters containing bonds, notes, gold and cut polished diamonds.
As with the Bonds and NOTES, printed in high quality on 1st class special paper, the boxes were made from special materials and of 1st class craftsmanship.
FRB'S and FRN'S were first packaged into a rubber type bladder, having a small looking glass on top, so that one could see the contents inside this bladder. This bladder was also charged with nitrogen gas to protect the contents from the
tropical environment (moisture and mildew).
The bladder was then placed into the metal box and then sealed. Each box has the following identity information stamped on top and sides.
a) Box Number
b) Security Code Number
c) PD Number
d) Serial Numbers (Numbers of 1st and last Notes of Bonds packed inside)
Some of the boxes have also an inventory list taped outside.
The value of the BONDS and NOTES printed, packed and shipped was ASTRONOMICAL and is mind boggling "QUADRILLIONS?.
These instruments were all backed by GOLD in bullion form with a purity of 99.95% As the US Government / FEDERAL RESERVE had become a monopoly in gold market they controlled the price of gold and offered to buy any amount of
Gold from private and commercial owners worldwide.
The smallest FRB / FRN box of $ 25 Billion was backed by 2,500 METRIC TONS of Gold.

At the end of WORLD WAR II, there were about more then 750,000 METRIC TONS of Gold in the PHILIPPINES mostly hidden in caves from the Japanese Invasion Force or sunk in the BAY of MANILA.

In exchange for CASH (US$) as well as FRB?S and FRN?S all remaining gold in Chinese banks was collected, loaded on seven (7) US war ships and brought to the US. The treaty with China stipulated that the Chinese could not get their
gold back for a period of 60 years. In the meantime these treaties have been adjudicated at the International Court in THE HAGUE in favor of the Chinese with the USA to start to settle the claims in 2008. The Hague Conference on
Private International Law (or HCCH, for Hague Conference/Conf?rence de la Haye) is the preeminent organization in the area of private international law.

There are over 30,000 CASH boxes stored in TAIPEI, TAIWAN as well as over 65,000 FRB and FRN boxes. The CASH box value is over US$ 3 TRILLION, the FRB and FRN box value is astronomical.

In 1947 the OSS (The Office of Strategic Services (OSS) was a United States intelligence agency formed during World War II. It was the wartime intelligence agency, and it was the predecessor of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA),
reprinted some of the FRB'S and FRN'S in the PHILIPPINES for clandestine operations. For this purpose new boxes were fabricated in the PHILIPPINES which were made from sheet metal and poorly constructed.

These bogus reprints were mostly made in small value boxes $ 25 B to $ 250 Billion since the large boxes were to complicated to be copied. It seems to me that the CIA is a US Government Agency and therefore the US should be
responsible for these boxes too.

In July 2006 Switzerland and the United States jointly signed the Hague Securities Convention, providing legal certainty to modern forms of holding and transferring securities. This marked an important step in the development of the new legal infrastructure needed to match modern systems for the holding, transfer, and pledge of securities.

THE HAGUE in favor of the Chinese with the USA to start to settle the claims in 2008.

No private owner can receive more than 0.5-2%
There are only one Security House that can receive the Boxes and make the Tramitations in Switzeland in Europe.

Boxes can not redime directly with FED because the gold have not entry never in EE.UU and for this reason them must to be negotiate in Europe only. Payement is maked by PPP.

Only full clean owners can redime. Not opened boxes can be pay at this moment.
Full tramitations will need 90-120 days.

On November 2008, some boxes has been payed. Last 30 April a new windows has been closed.


Share your pictures and finds!
Yes, post pics please....
We came upon these Kanji characters (if they are) when the river rose up and cleaned the sand and moss off the rocks above the stream. The first character looks like a "ki" or tree in Kanji but there is a forward slash on its foot. The second one I just cannot find - it is probably an animal. Anyway, do suggest what you think of it. Thanks.

According to my aunt, the first kanji character is "tree". She cant make out the second character
General Chat about WWII LOOT / Movies about the Japanese during WW2
« Last post by Jackson444 on August 22, 2022, 07:48:51 AM »

Famed German filmmaker Werner Herzog met with Onoda in 1997 and wrote a short, semi-fictional account, The Twilight World, detailing Onodas continuation of his duties in the jungles of Lubang island, off Mindoro, almost 30 years after the war ended. But another film maker beat him to turning it into a movie: Onoda: 10,000 Nights in the Jungle

Also, as a side note, after hearing that there is (or was) a horde buried in Mt. Suribachi, Iwo Jima. I began watching Clint Eastwoods movie, Letters from Iwo Jima which details the battle that went on there and the construction of some underground tunnels, naturally, no Gold is mentioned.
 I don't believe in coincidence, and found it odd that the lady who wrote the story and screenplay for that movie is called 'Iris Yamashita'. Could she be an offspring or distant relation to the General?

When they arrived here, not only were they tasked with burying all the remaining loot being shipped in from Manchuria and the other conquered lands, but also they were ordered to transfer all the deposits that Gen. Homma and his men had buried. They moved all but one of Hommas sites. Not only did they move them, but they reversed all the markings and meanings that Homma and his men had devised. and just to screw with them, upon excavating the Homma deposits and moving them to a new location, they would then put back all the markers and indicators left by Hommas teams, all in the correct place and covered it back accordingly. This is why some people dig in Luzon and find many markers, and go on for years without finding one gram of gold. Yamashitas men used different map drawing techniques so any returning soldiers from Hommas divisions, would not be able to interpret a Yamashita map. As Zobex has pointed out before, the political rivalries between the Jap factions, were rife and fierce. And though many are distracted with Yamashita and Homma, the real interesting general was Tanaka.

These are very enlightening!
 if ever were true.

Just imagine, finding a positive marker is not enough, you have to acertain it was not from homma's team
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