Author Topic: Automatic Registration Now DISABLED on TSEATC!!! Please READ THIS to REGISTER!!  (Read 13677 times)

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Dear Everyone,

We have now completely DISABLED the Automatic Registration here on TSEATC due to the HUGE number of SPAMMERS who are everyday trying to register accounts here! So, if anyone wants to register a NEW account here please just email me your name and as long as you're a REAL person I'm happy to make an account for you. Thanks for your great understanding.

Send any new registration email to

When you email me please tell what USERNAME and PASSWORD you want so I can make your new account.

ATTENTION To all GUESTS: IF you are a GUEST and viewing TSEATC Forum - attachment (PICTURE) viewing is all DISABLED so you won't even be able to view all the hundreds of very nice photos that are attached to this forum. So, instead of just READING the posts here, its much better for you to REGISTER so you can see EVERYTHING here! PLEASE JOIN US! WE WELCOME YOU HERE WITH US!

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