Author Topic: Reliability of a Metal Detector  (Read 14753 times)

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Re: Reliability of a Metal Detector
« Reply #15 on: April 10, 2011, 03:29:48 AM »
Elyong your pic posted here are to be .JPG, as they are so much easier than PDF files, some people do not have a PDF reader so cannot access your pics...:)

also blue clay would no doubt turn any water blue where would you say there is a marker of any sort here..??

and the clay just looks like..............clay..?

My apology Sir Janner, I will post correct attachment next time.

For the clay- we thought before that it was a cement (or vault) because the location of it was already about 10 to 12 feet, and even we cannot see it because there was already a presence of water flowing, we had just felt the hardness of it, which we erroneously thought as a cement. But when we start breaking it, we just found out that it is some kind of a wide brick and while in the process of breaking and with the presence of water, it has just became clay when we brought it on the surface.

My point of question is, does the presence of brick/s has its purpose? Because the kind of soil in that area is not mineralized, and the kind of soil is very fine and not even rocky or sandy. We did not see any other unusual during digging which we might thought to be a marker/s, only that BRICK (which is might be the marker).  Also, that was the area where the detection made "positive", But I cannot assure that it was accurate.

That's why I am begging to all our co-TH's to possibly let me borrow or rent other type of scanner or detector so that I can just double check if our site if it's really that possitive or not before continuing the digging. I can give all my information should it be needed. We can even discuss the sharing as long as we finally got the "item".

Our "project's" location is in Davao Del Sur. But I am here now in Manila working.

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