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Re: Help and Need Advices
« Reply #105 on: July 21, 2011, 11:18:31 PM »
I wish i could not retreave any treasure,,,If that will make me greedy...
**I dont like to be rich--They will accuse me selfish..
**I dont like to be rich--That will limit my freedom as i need guards to protect me and my shadow is my enemy.. ;)


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Re: Help and Need Advices
« Reply #106 on: July 22, 2011, 09:36:12 PM »
Gerald, many people believe you get back what you get out of life so isn't that also known as KARMA?

Yes  Sir  Admin.

Law  of  Karma.
In Buddhism  there  are  2  kinds of  karma.  The  Good  and the Bad Karma.
When you plant  a Good  Karma  then you will harvest  the same.
When you plant bad  karma you will  harvest  the same or even seven  or tenfold.



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Re: Help and Need Advices
« Reply #107 on: July 24, 2011, 09:59:22 AM »
Update: Due to much water, They'll be needing a submersible water pumps. They have reached 9 meters, Concrete lid.  :)
They have found different stones with signs( Maybe those were the markers). One was a boots shaped stones.

Question: Why would there be a concrete stone under 9 m?

I thought  your  target  is  5m?
But  you are  already 9m right now?
Maybe the Guardians of that item.. transferred the item to other target.
Consult  DB & T-H44.  They are the right persons for this matter.
They can help you.
Why ask  that Black Dwarf...  why you haven't  hit the target..  though you are 9m now.
Or maybe  the Black dwarf   changes his mind not  to give in the items .  Or that items  can be found only  in the world of illusion or in you hallucation state.
Or maybe  this  spot   is a  Main  Bulk...
Serious Question....Can guardians transfer items? They already said yes and they have made my aunt signed some paper(in dreams only) ^_^
Good  day my friend   Adrian.
I think this is the time for  reconciliation.
Let's forgive and forget.
I know  we are all human we made mistakes.
Let's start  a new frienship. I have erased  those  black dots.. in  your  clear white bond paper.

Anyway  you are asking  me  bout , Can A Guardian  transfer the items to another location?

My answer is  101% yes right now.
I have proven it.
In my own site.. the  Guardian transferred the items  to another  location because there was a problem with our diggers. No question about us and the owner of the lot  but the diggers themselves.  They have a plan of  coup de etat in our own site. The so called *Retrieval Sabotage* is to be made  by the diggers.  And I am very thankful for this Dowsing Thing.Thru Dowsing we have  discovered  that they have a plan of Retrieval Sabotage. Thru  Dowsing we can even know  that our diggers who were  good  from the start  became worst  when the target  is near.In connection with that  items... transferred the Site Guardian will just  show it when the right time comes and with the right guy  digging the spot. In other words we have to look for the chosen few diggers those with clean mind and heart from the start up to the end of the operation.

Bout Dowsing you can asked  help  here  from our fellow  members here.. There are Good Dowsers  here.. Not    just  Good  but  I believe there  better.
I am sure you know them...  Ask help  from  them with sincerity and pureness  in heart. And I am very much sure they will help you.  Just  like a little child who ask help from there parents.



 ;) ;) ;)

And  I have  noticed your cool an