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Re: Need Comments..
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When you bite using your canine a 22-24 carat gold it will have a tooth mark on it cauze genuine gold characteristic is a little bit soft compare to other metals (brass & iron). While brass and iron are hard metals so definitely if you bite it hard surely you will break your teeth.   


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Re: Need Comments..
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 :) :),,This is not my Goldbars,..During the final assay nextweek,..It will be cut horizontally,..As per instruction of the Buyer,..And put some
nitric Acids to determine,..The owner agree,..If it is Genuine then pay the items,..If it is Fake so no hurt feelings,..Their was no money involve during the final Assay,..It will be a bank to bank transaction if it is Genuine,..Nothing more,Nothing less.. ;D ;D ;D