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THAPI or LUZVIMINDA CODES, is it for Real?

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FYI, the Heart of Valencia boulders are along the riverside... Ah ok sir, I thought it was located above the mountains.

Re: your dig site, How can you be sure that what you found in your dig site is a rock treasure marker or just an odd shape rock? Of course outside the site we found markers but not the heart sign.
If you are the grandson of the Japanese who buried that treasure. How can you locate the treasure if the rock marker is buried? Sir, according to my mentor if a site is positive one, you can't see more signs outside the site. Of course if I am the son of that japanese, why should I follow the decoded sign while I can ask to my family a detailed map.

Its common sense that JAPS TREASURE MARKERS  ARE ABOVE GROUND so that when the Japs who buried the treasure inform their grandson to go to the Phils and relocate the boulder they carved as treasure marker  in a certain barrio in the Philippines they can easily relocate it.
If the rock marker  is buried underneath it would be impossible for the foreigner Japs to relocate the treasure. Gets mo? Meaning I doubt if the alleged rock marker you found in your dig site is treasure marker. Well, It's your opinion, but as far our concerned and my mentor, if we continue the digging it's our call to take the risk or leave. But, if we try to follow the wire be sure not to fall otherwise it's our end. And I read also the post of sir db if the flower sign better leave or take a risk.


All the pictures posted are the different from our site If I recall, for our heart shape about 2inch width & 1/8depth and about 1ft height, same also of our X sign 2inch width  & 1/8depth and 1ft height.   


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--- Quote from: t_hunter44 on September 15, 2012, 05:09:12 PM ---      That Boulder with the X Symbol was in its original location as 1/3rd of it was buried still when I first saw it, meaning it has been there for a long time and that boulder would easily weigh more than 700 lbs and there was no reason for anyone to move it as the landowner owns the land and the boulder location is no more than 300 feet from his house and a few hectares around it planted with Cassava.

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Then it is not a Japs treasure marker just an odd shape boulder......simple as that.

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     Yep, that is one simple explanation and a cop out, for a kid cannot really see the X as he have to have wild imagination, or like 4 as someone sees it.. I was gonna post some more pictures like a Big Boulder shaped like a boot with an open big toe and a perfect 4 inch hole 8" deep at the sole and some pile of stones on the hillside that that the landowner claims to have been there for ages and the area was a Japanese Camp back then, or so they claim  but never mind as  those are just works of nature. Didn't know that I am also guilty of wild imaginations.
     Still waiting for that Bold or Foolish Treasure Hunter to verify that the Meaning of the Symbols at THAPI Code is Legit, his first hand knowledge and his personal involvement and not hearsay. Maybe that will be asking too much as he might place himself and his family or group in jeopardy. Wishful Thinking on my part.  I guess everybody has to find out themselves if that said Code is for real and then also, Ask yourself the Rational Explanation why the Japanese Left the said Code Book for everyone to pass around.


--- Quote from: japhiem on September 15, 2012, 04:41:58 PM ---i have also X mark i dig under it five feet and found nothing...embarassing moment of my life hehehe

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Not all such markers are related to IJA activity let alone treasure.  Remember the Philippines was colonial to several different countries and at different times.  During Spanish Colonial times, markers were used for indicating, directions, land boundaries and such.  People also used markers to indicate possession'ary rights and such.  In 2011 I was asked out three times to "scan" rocks and cement with marks, when getting there they were obviously boundary markers and after asking a lot of questions found it just that, these so called markers were on some old land boundaries.  Yes boundary markers get moved all the time and same with rocks with marks on them.  People do dumb things with gold visions dancing in their heads.

That Heart marker does not "smell" right.  But if you want to look, so far you looked in the wrong place.  Don't look in the floor, look in the walls, decoy bulkhead.  Hearts are only pathways, not the end point.


"" Just as no one can be forced into belief, so no one can be forced into unbelief. "" Dr. Sigmund Freud

well in the "few" years that i have been here, i have never found a sign that connected directly to a item of value, but i never dig holes, only explore tunnels and caves.

Found lots of Japanese writing on walls and in diary's, but never the "X" marks the spot sort of sign.
But that doesn't mean that those signs are not true or helpful.......?

And according to all the posts here, maybe only one or two have been so lucky and the rest...
clutching at straws I'm afraid........ ;)


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