Author Topic: This is what you are looking for......Gold !  (Read 18289 times)

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Re: This is what you are looking for......Gold !
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that "one gold coin" could weigh more than a kilo!....... is that from a small scale mining?... ;D  ....or a company mining.......

ben, in your experience, how many percent of gold is present in an amalgam? ..... some say its 80% silver and 20% gold....or its the other way around?


indeed.... if you are prospecting for gold nuggets.....the minelab gpx model is the best.......(just my opinion)

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Re: This is what you are looking for......Gold !
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Hello Bf Gates,
The average content of silver or gold or whatsoever within an amalgam varies and it depends solely on the type of rocks you grounded with mills.
There are porphory rocks, meaningn it has contents of gold, copper or silver. Now it depends on what is the average and or the percentage contents of the three metals present in a certain number of ore samples you have grounded very fine.
If your ore samples contains more percentages of gold, then your amalgam, must contain more of it and likewise if your ore samples contains a lot of silver then, in your amalgam, more is the percentage of silver.

Now for the process of extracting gold in an amalgam,, i refer you to this........