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positive site
« on: March 19, 2013, 02:46:51 PM »
hello im jimmar form cebu .. we found a very positive site here... it has a markings coiled snake , face of person, v sign on big rock pointing the ground, a W markings on big rock and 3 rectangular bamboo tree .the history of this land. it is japanese soldiers camp before during the world war 2.. in 1999 a japanese national came here to buy this land for 3.2 million but its area is too small and its located on the side of a mountain hill.. the japanese national propuse a 30-70 30 for the owner and 70 for the japanese national  the japanese national let the land owner see his map to prove the land owner there is treasure buried in his land.... and again the owner did not sold the land... then the japanese national came back to japan... we need a help with a sure detector or probably a scanner f there is to go with us..w 50-50 sharing for those ho is interisted,, pls txt or call +639231476262  the area is located 130 kilometers south form cebu city philippines and 1.5 km from the national highway


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Re: positive site
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Wacky, I don't know how you did it but you posted the same exact message 3 times. I deleted the 2 other similar post.