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Laws about MD in SEA
« on: June 18, 2009, 11:36:37 PM »
Hi, my name is AL and i am from New Zealand. I have been to SEA many times and i MD in NZ mainly for Gold Nuggets (just got into it) but i am an Adventurer by heart.
I travelled by motorbike through quite a few countries and my biggest trip was 10000km through the last wilderness in Europe: Scandinavia.
I also travelled by horse from the top of the South Island in NZ to just about the bottom, and back again in 3 month (2500km).....
When in SEA i usually travell by hired motorbike and have been researching e.g.: the connection of some of the tribes in the hill plateau of NE Cambodia/southern Laos/Vietnam with the Polynesians that left SEA 3500 years ago....
or the similarities of the intricate stonework ('Fingerprint masonry') of Angkor/Cambodia with the stone work of the Inca and similar stonework (now destroyed) in the Easter islands....
or the trail of the people that use to use Jade (Jomon/Japan, China, Salish/Canada, Polynesians, Olmec, Inca....
or the tribes around the world who used 'Head Elongation', or 'Trepanning' or the use of the 'Backstrap Loom in SEA and in early S.Amerika, or 'Elongation of the ears', or 'Megalthic Cultures', or the use of the Boomerang by Native Americans or the use of the Blowpipe from where it originated in Borneo and then also found in use in Equador...,
....the discovery that the DNA of the Native Americans comes from mainly 5 sources/Tribes.... and that one of them is also dominant in the Pacific/Polynesia....
I became fascinated with 'All That' after having read Thor Heyerdahl as a 16 year old (now 49) AND to get back to the point....since it is so easy to travel with a MD (i just got into MD), i thought what a good excuse to take it with me.... i bet the Locals in the back country would be intrigued (maby not the 'officials', always a chance for them to get some 'backshish', but if that is all they want, never mind, but worse could happen....) and it would be a good way to make friends, find information on treasure, help them.... etc.,
so i was wondering what the laws are, lets say in Laos, Cambodia, Thailand (....WA Tribe....last Headhunters.... border Thai/Burma/China, (Burma would be awesome too BUT...., been there 25 years ago....awesome place (not politically,of course), Indonesia (Sumatra....yeah), maby Vietnam (maby).....about MD there.
ANYWAY, AWESOME WEBSITE, what a niche you have filled, keep it up, i will spread the word....
Have Fun,   AL.
PS....tell us some of your travelling storys, sounds like you have a few....

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Re: Laws about MD in SEA
« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2009, 11:35:43 AM »
AL, great to have you here. That's great what you're doing. Keep up the fantastic job, mate!


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Re: Laws about MD in SEA
« Reply #2 on: July 06, 2009, 07:01:25 AM »
 Few people haves the capacity as yours! you have such a very adventurous life...How many times that i planned to do what you had but i end up failed,,,I simply dont have that ample time you spend on those adventures you have....KEEP UP! LIVE FREE....