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MIA remains in Philippines
« on: October 11, 2013, 06:17:14 AM »
You should read the following link to an American news web site.

For years we have occasionally found remains NOT Filipino or Japanese.  If Filipino we relocate them with the closest either Tribal burial grounds or the local families request or such.  Japanese we just relocate with respect.  As for possible Americans and such, that is a difficulty.  Years back I tried very hard to get the USG to take possession, that is come to the PH or the sites and take the remains and then tried to deliver the remains to Hawaii when the refused to take possession of them.   Not the Embassy in Manila, not our Congressmen not Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command (JPAC) in Hawaii.  JPAC was real pissy about it.  They flat said they did not have time for any remains from WW2 or Korea, only Viet Nam or the Middle East.  DO NOT SEND THEM and DON'T CALL US.  When I got pissy back all they said to do was rebury them and tell JPAC where you put them.  OR put them in a sac or box and call us back in 6 months.  We had the remains of 8 American crew members.  So they are still buried on Mindanao.  There is also a group of 3 remains buried out side of Davao City and those reburied in a local cemetery.  We treated them better than the USG.

So that is what you do with remains, bones.  We tried to return remains of the Japanese to the Counsel General on Mindanao.  They did not want them.  So one day I had one of my men, who worked inside the Japanese Counselors Office as a Japanese Filipino translator, had him put a Jap scull on the Cultural Attache's desk.  There was no comment.  Don't know what happened to the skull, we buried the rest in a banana grove.

So much for respect.