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I need your advice (by: nonoy)
« on: April 24, 2014, 03:50:03 PM »
hi to all fellow thunters, i need your kind  advice,    let me tell a story first  location; luzon area, scenario ; without my knowing last october 2013,  my inlaws told us that there was a person (juan not a real name) who are thunter according to them and they talk to my inlaws to operate the site and according to them too that there is a burried items in our land which is a concrete vault base in there gadget use,, so after a few days of operation they reach the so called item and because its late night and that rainy that time and the said location are in the hillside they agreed to break that concrete vault on the following day (kinabukasan) but on that day they return , all of them was shock because the they vault was vanish and the hole were they digging up was close and return to its original look,,  so they all talk and have the agreement to continue the project if they have the budget,,,before that incident happen, i know already that those area have a positive treasure according or base to my fiances story and even my inlaws tell me about these. location history; former area where JIA stays during wwll, and last 2012 because of heavy rain and flood, people near the river they found a bomb, i dont know if its a booby trap or drop bomb, back to the operation site  juan always talk to my inlaws to continue there digging but my inlaws always refuse the offer unless i came, (i was here in mindanao with my fiance till now) ..yesterday my fiance call and ask about them if there okay, and to the big news another thunter came, and talk to my inlaws and my inlaws dont know why they agree and allow thunters to operate that site last sunday april 20 2014, just this week!!! and without our knowing for the second time! but it was stop due to lack of gadget according to my inlaws and they said that they will continue it if there equipment will arrive, after that coversation with my fiance my inlaws want to talk to me , so i ask them some question blah blah blah about this thunters and this thunters were from mindanao, they told to my inlaws that they have permit to operate ( wahahaha what a joke, they are trying to bypass something ,,,..theres a lot of reasons to alibi why they use this permit alibi which is for me its a big mistake) i dont know this guys and i have a bad intuations for them. for my last word to my inlaws , i told them that let me talk to that thunters  or else stop the operation, and we will continue it with my presence and that was on june,, i will fix my personal probs here first before i go. any ideas to share to me pls,,  for what the best decision to make . or for interested members here please pm me.  i have already choosen some trusted memeber here to be with me but i dont have your contact,  so please pm me and lets talks about this  thnks
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