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Hi and hello to my old buddies and friends here!,
Ironies do sometimes happen, I was so overjoyed albeit, a little bit intoxicated with alcohol last new years day that my reaction time lessened and least I know I stumbled on my bike and burned a little skin on my right leg hence I am here recuperating at my  abode and was absent from my work. Turning this unfortunate event into a "blessing in disguse", I had then this luxury of time to write to you again. I opened my message box here, that after I posted at my thread in Imperial Japanese Mapmaking in context to Philippine Treasure Hunting about a recent? recovery. There was this query sent to me by a new member here that in my view warrants an educational answer. Well for him and for the benefit of some other members, I posted my reply here and it goes something like this;

From: dmly
Good Day !

sir as a newbie here i have inquiry is it true that there is YT "READER "those person were sponsored by jica company being a yt reader they studied in japan for 8 years just to read symbols signs marking learn more techniques and skills how to recover the said YT , they have also license to be renewed in jica this person are so rare in philippines in mindanao they have 4 pwrsons existed are you familiar with his being a sr th kindly enlightem me sir

First, JICA is not a company but it's an agency (Japan International Cooperation Agency) set up by the Japanese Government to serve as "HELPGUISE" or disguised help ( but they really leave some help to disguise their true intentions) to any countries they have interest especially the Philippines. Yes they offer ""Individual Technical Cooperation" Individual Expert Dispatch: 14 (Long-Term Experts)
That Individual Expert Dispatch are usually Japanese experts in different 14 fields specifically suited by their plan of activities in the Philippines see below;

Activities in the Philippines
Technical Cooperation
2. Individual Technical Cooperation
Individual Expert Dispatch: 14 (Long-Term Experts)
Subject   Duration (Y/M)   Organization
Sustainable Economic Growth Aimed at Creating Employment Opportunities
1. Support for Financial Reform/Good Governance
Capacity Enhancement on Customs Functions   2008/08 – 2010/07   Bureau of Customs/ Department of Finance
Forensic Science   2009/03 – 2011/03/15   Philippine National Police Crime Laboratory
Administration of Coast Guard   2009/12 – 2011/12   Philippine Coast Guard
Program Manager/Advisor to Chief, Philippine National Police   2008/09/21 – 2010/09/30   Philippine National Police
Initial Investigation   2010/03/15 – 2012/03/14   Philippine National Police Crime Investigation and Detection Group
2. Investment Promotion
3. Improvement of Transportation Network
Road Planning & Management   2008/06 – 2010/06   Department of Public Works and Highways
Assistance for Formulation on Route Rationalization and Measurement   2008/07/01 – 2010/06/30   Maritime Industry Authority
Telecommunications   2007/10/30   2010/03/31   Department of Transportation and Communication
Integrated Transport Policy   2007/03/15 – 2010/03/14   Department of Transportation and Communication
4. Enhancing Power and Energy Sector
5. Tourism
Poverty Reduction
1. Livelihood Improvement
Irrigation Administration   2008/07/10 – 2010/07/09   National Irrigation Administration
Agribusiness Investment   2007/11 – 2009/11   Department of Agriculture
2. Enhancement of Basic Social Services
3. Environmental Protection and Disaster Prevention
River Administration Improvement   2007/06 – 2010/06   Department of Public Works & Highways
Peace and Stability in Mindanao
1. Administrative Capacity Building
ODA Advisor for ARMM   2008/08 – 2010/08   Autonomous Region for Muslim Mindanao
2. Improvement of Basic Human Needs
3. Economic Development
4. Peace Building

Now, as you see, they set up advisories in many of our sensitive govrnment agencies and posts like the PNP,DPWH,DENR and Agriculture, do you get the connection here??, its a handy plan and preparation if coercion is needed..Yes, they might help train (but not teach them everything to greater extent) but to use someone to penetrate areas that seems impenetrable by them.
Lastly, i doubt people who claim they are trained for 8 years just to study the art of deciphering,decoding, unlocking and recovering
Golden Lily, looted treasres hidden here in the Philippines. There are indeed people who are in the know but generally they are the assigned japanese guardians, strugglers we call them that blended already with the indigenous native filipino folks. So be careful of pretentious people they might be up for grabs only for your pockets..
;) ;) ;) ;) ;)
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« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2017, 10:03:19 PM »
Ben is correct (( ouch, road rash from a motorcycle )) .

The true JICA recovery people are ONLY racial Japanese, are trained in Japan, are Japanese citizens but may have a secondary citizenship of another country.  They WILL NEVER disclose any true information outside of the official team and only so as instructed by their higher ups.  Yes they live in the PH.  No you can not trust them.  Again, they are only of, from and for Japan.  For this they are extensively trained.  It is as if for them the war is still being fought.  Yes, I have known a few of them.  No they did not like me in particular since I am American nor did they like my Filipino partners since Filipinos are Malaysian and considered as second class humans to them.  The last contact I had with an official JICA recovery team was when they wanted to view a real map I had at the time.  They did confirm it was real and wanted to joint venture with me only because I edited the map, removing or blocking the last position locator of the over all location.  The details and tunnel bunker schematics they could see.  Their higher ups finally chose to not recover the site since I am American and they could not navigate around me nor bullfart me.  So much for that I say.  One team member, the translator did provide some good information in general in as much as he had to give me some respect for having found the map and the bunker location.  But he kept minute by minute backing away from me because I was not Japanese.

Just my experience, yours may be different.


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« Reply #2 on: January 05, 2017, 06:30:25 AM »
Welcome back, Ben!

Thank you, gentlemen, for your replies and knowledge here.

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« Reply #3 on: March 01, 2018, 02:13:32 AM »
Yes I agree with BEN that JICA head officaials are well trained. One of ther successfull project is in Davao del Sur, the NAKAYAMA CORPORATION.... They manufacture special flooring tiles ONLY intended for Japan... They sponsored Police Out Post office at the entrance in Bangoy National Air Port so no inspection during they transport items to Japan.

JICA is operating all over Mindanao as I obseve.... a Well Finance Company...