Author Topic: Thousand ports! A treasure of pirates found off the USA  (Read 352 times)

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Thousand ports! A treasure of pirates found off the USA
« on: March 22, 2017, 12:43:40 PM »
Thousand ports! A treasure of pirates found off the USA
Oct. 20, 2017 /

This amateur researcher would like to carry out his research: after having failed in his attempt to find the ship of Christopher Columbus, he pursued his quests and said he got his hands on Black Sam's treasure!

Barry Clifford, an amateur explorer who recently found the remains of the wreck of the famous ship Whydah Gally said he knew where the treasures he contained were. Mr. Clifford, who organized an expedition, spent 30 years exploring the waters surrounding the Cape Cod peninsula in the United States. Although he claimed to have found a large collection of metal objects that he believed were pieces and other jewels, archaeologists questioned his statements in light of the number of attempts that failed in the past.

The ship Whydah Gally was used as a slave trader and was commanded by Samuel "Black Sam" Bellamy. The ship sank in 1717 off Massachusetts and nearly all of the crew (150 people) died in the sinking. According to the historians, its holds contained booty of more than 50 ships approached by the famous captain. But some doubt this story, which has everything of a legend, believing that the pirates who survived simply lied. However, Clifford does not lose hope: he thinks that the captured and hanged pirates had no reason to lie.

In 2014, Mr. Clifford stated that he had found off the coast of Haiti the place of the Santa Maria shipwreck of Christopher Columbus discovered America. Yet, according to research carried out by UNESCO, it would be a ship that was wrecked much later. UNESCO scientists also verified its statements regarding the 45 kg silver ingot and concluded that it was 95% made of lead.
Parti pirates islandais
Flickr / Didier Misson
At the boarding! "Pirates" land in Iceland

Mr. Clifford, for his part, believes it to be hard, and according to him, it will not be easy to recover these treasures, which are buried deep in the water and weigh tons. The 71-year-old researcher told AP that he would not be the one to do it.

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