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Mindanao Caliphate
« on: July 11, 2018, 04:50:09 AM »
Mindanao Caliphate .  So was it ever any question what this new form of government was for ? ?

Lets see, the Philippine Islands was run under kingdoms or by warlords until the Chinese and Muslims came in about 650AD.  The Chinese set up Chinese warlord Business cartels but collided with Muslim religious dictate caliphates.  Does anyone one here go YEA, Caliphate GO GO.  Being property of a dictator is always fun right ? ?

In come the Spanish with their King.  The Spanish King allowed more freedom of activity than the previous life or death dictators but also brought in Christianity.  BOOO Christians.  Next the White Devil Americans attacked the Spanish and invaded the islands.  BAD BAD and even worse set up a form of government in the fashion as established in the USA.  BOOOO those White Devils want us to act like them.  YEA YEA lets get rid of that form of government and to back to Caliphates on each island run by the rich families and not to forget now the Caliphate of Mindanao which still has over 200,000 metric tons of gold on it, the rules say it gets to keep all the gold.  YEA YEA. 

Now we can have an Islamic Caliphate on Mindanao with 200,000 tons of gold in the hands of a few rich people with lots of foreign rich people now buying up the land and setting up their own warlord districts in the Caliphate.

AND if it all goes to shit ( naa that will never happen ) we can all go to Manila and stand in line at the American Embassy to try and get a work visa to go to Merica and find a job in that evil place where the government was structured by White Devils. 

Sounds stupid does it now, NO, it's the Philippines after all.  Lets break down some words here.

Caliphate =  Calip Hate  = Calif Phate  The Besides Mexicans, Muslims are the largest group moving into California USA.  Hmmm .  There's a shit load Filipinos in California and have been for 100 years.  They all work and I have never seen them do anything stupid or destructive here.

""  A caliphate is a state under the leadership of an Islamic steward with the title of Caliph . ""