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OKM ROVER UC for SALE - 2nd hand
« on: September 18, 2018, 09:16:41 AM »
Hello fellow th. Im selling my slightly used OKM ROVER UC.

I bought this unit on december 2015. Its been used less than 10 hours. I know a lot of you will have many questions regarding the machine and ill try my best to answer. For details on the unit please visit

To answer the most common question; No, i have not found any treasure with the machine. I bought this at the time beacause i had the extra funds to take a gamble and felt that it would help me recover something. The truth is i havent been able to spend as much time as i wanted to exploring/detecting. I also dnt have the time now to do any hunting and probably be busy for another 2  years.

So while learning how to use this machine, there were a few things i came across that confused me a bit. They are listed below:

Air test ( discrimination mode) - ferrous metals will be detected using an air test but non ferrous wont. The non ferrous metals need to be burried for months before the machine can detect it. Why? Not too sure on the science behind it but okm support says that it has to be under the soil for a certain period of time.

Discrimination mode - i found that the spikes created on the android are not exactly what the manual shows it should be. Example: a void according to the manual will give a blue spike( the spike is round or curved) but in reality going over a tunnel using discrimination mode shows me a blue spike but sharp on the tip, not curved like the manual says. So for me since i knew there was a tunnel i was confident that that was the correct signal for a void. For the price of the unit i expect the manual to be more accurate. If i didnt know there was a tunnel would i have accepted that spike as a possible void? Ferrous metals are very clear with a red spike and a blue dip. Found some scrap metal at 1m. It was a roung metal bar welded into an angle bar. The depth of this target on the scam mode was not accurate on all scans. 2 out of 6 scans got close but the rest read it to be deeper than it was.

Ground scan mode - you can only scan an area from right to left. Thats easy and clear enough but scanning from south to north( while facing east), west to east (facing south), nort to south(while facing west) and so on give different results in the final scan. So youll have to scan from all directions to know what orientation/direction gives the best result when using scan mode.

Magnetometer - this mode is used for surface targets like trash, nails, etc. Manual says to use this to remove surface metals so that ground scan will be good. I hardly used this mode. I would get signals with the magnetometer where a metal detector wouldnt pick up anything. Minerals or something deeper? Not sure if this mode can pick up deep targets but okm says its for shallow ferrous metals

Includes manual, carry bag, visualizer cd,


Pls pm me if interested.