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« on: January 24, 2022, 01:27:27 PM »
Hallo,there Treasure Hunters .
I just sign in My user name is > SpiritOfTheWind  but you can call me Wind .
I have to apologise for my inperfect english sind it is not my mother lenguage .I got virused buy YT story sinds 3 years ago so I slowly I dive in and discover direction in next 20 years of my life I like to falow .All my life I have bean finding think on street in old abonded places ruins,I feel like an organic detector build  inside of me.My biggest finde was some 20 years ago a gold coint collection of Napoleon Bonaparte about 2.5 kg in a chocolate box in an abonded house in France .I just had this subconscious filing to look around as I was looking for washing powder .Hole remains where from about post war 1950 ies I guess .How ever I really have no conection with gold too I dont really like gold to be honest I am more in to silver .Now perhapse you all are asking your self what this all has to do with Snakes .
Well lets say I have sean almost all videos on Ytube about locals recovering all kinde of so called give a way treasures but one most not understandibble fackt was to me that allmost all of the peole where walking around in slipers some even without .I understand being local growing up in PH that you all are alert and kinde of aware but ones I went om my reasurch about animal dangers in PH I got preaty scared and disapointmant that I come a cross one of the most deadlies Snakes on planet that are all over the place .Can any of you talk or tell little beat more about how can I protect my self from those creatures and of corse they are other ones like spiders,croks...etc Can you guy teach me or us from out side how should we behive inside the forest jungle .To I see my self with an back pack trowing my self in jungle and stay as longest as possible wondering from place to place .Now yes read that some places are not safe because of rebels ok lets not go to this areas but for example do any of you TH go deepdeep inside of jungle and sleep there and then travel around in surch for signs ? I am really no afreid of booby traps as I am from Snakes .Oh yes does any of you carry anty venom shots in case being bitten buy snake ? where is possible to buy such shots and if it is possible to buy it ? I wred it works only against Philipino Cobra but not for other Snakes .I mean scared I am not but sinds my spirit is so curious and I like touchin manny thinks I am so afraid not to end up bitten in the middle of jungle by Snake and then what ? Truth is going alone is more dengerous then at least having 1 or more bodye but who I can finde who would trow him self together with me on such jurney ?You see I am well aware of Philipino mentality I traveled to PH down in Davao for 4 weeks to meet nation and understud it more I know buy now most of the tricks,spams,and dangers I can get in to it .........but  then how to finde some one who is like me ..........who does not like gold is not gready does not looking for treasure because of welt expectation but because he  is burning to finde it .........reveord is inevitabble of corse I will cash  it in $ but I tought you know we all live on this planet a rock in fackt floating in this holy univers foe some reason there is no difference between me an Philipino guy we have to survive breath eath and dump  every single day from biggining to end of our lifes .Funny when I was in Arabia in desert arabs use to have a joke " if you see an arab and a snake in desert kill arab first " hahahaha I have to laught about it a lot for a years .........we humans we some how enjoy hurting each others . Are there any honest filipinos out there ? Is there any one out here that wouldnt minde teaching me about Snakes and how to stay as longest as possible in jungle .......I would love to hear your stories on my fear .    WIND

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« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2022, 09:12:09 PM »
Hello Wind,
Thank you for your long message and welcome to TSEATC. Well, I'm also afraid of snakes. Hopefully, we won't get bitten. haha..

Good luck with all your treasure ventures in the Philippines!

Tony W.

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« Reply #2 on: January 31, 2022, 05:12:22 AM »
Thank you to for accepting me on your forum ........I come a cross very valiuble information thet grounde my fantasy world in to a more stabble real reality out there in Philipins .......but after all I am more then ever ready to dive in ......
ps: my deep apologies if from time to time I burst with some of my coments .....I mean no  offence and my intention is pure !
Spiritoftehwind .