Author Topic: Water pumps use in treasure hunting.  (Read 6265 times)

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Re: Water pumps use in treasure hunting.
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Since water serves as a cooling medium that dessipates heat developed by the pump while running, running without water will definitely damage it, mechanically and electrically.


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Re: Water pumps use in treasure hunting.
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Regarding generator, it must be ensured the generator should run to its maximum capability. This falls to the ability of the engine to deliver enough horsepower to sustain the required kilowatts. The ideal loading percentage of the generator is when running it at 80% load. It can also run to 100% load for a limited time as in emergency situation, but running it continously with 100% load will definitely shorten the life of the generator.
To ensure that the generator is running optimally, it is necessary to load tested it before using to a project. In smaller gen. sets, where loadbank is not available, the owner can use high wattage light bulbs connected in parallel equal to the maximum capacity of the generator.
This individual lamp can have individual switch to turn on and off each lamp. Say for example your generator is 7 kilowatts, by using 10 x 500 watts and 10 x 200 watts light bulbs, the generator can be tested gradually from 0 to 100% load at unity power factor.
The test can start by giving 10% initially for warm up within 5 minutes, then increase to 25% (1.750Kw or 1.8Kw) for 30 minutes; 50% (3.5 Kw) for 30 minutes; 75% (5.25Kw or 5.2Kw) for 30 minutes and 100% (7 Kw) for 1 hour. Test time can be reduced as long it will not be less than 15 minutes for each stage and 30 minutes for 100%.
If for example your generator drops in speed at 5o% load, the frequency will also drop in proportion to the speed, which indicates that the engine can only support that particular load, thus increasing the load will continously drop the speed of the generator until it stops. If this happens, the best thing to do is to take the compression reading of the engine if it is still within standard. (Diesel engine have higher compression reading compared to gasoline engine.) If readings found below standard, then it is about time to replace some rings...instead of using it half functional, in which will only aggravate the problem.
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Re: Water pumps use in treasure hunting.
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     The Engine Governor if adjusted properly on your Generator Set will compensate for the speed according to load. Most Submersible Pumps have a Float Switch that will turn On the motor at the desired water level and turn it OFF when the water gets low and if you buy a Submersible Pump, it is desirable to have the Float Switch for Automatic Operation.

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Re: Water pumps use in treasure hunting.
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Opsss, where is commando's post in here. It's gone. That is also an informative one.  ??? ??? ???


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Re: Water pumps use in treasure hunting.
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One of the essential item needed in a deep hole during digging is lighting. Incorrect use of lighting sometimes cause accident and death. If utility supply is use in the hole, most commonly used are A.C. power which is very dangerous in a confined space specially there are movement in the holes.
Others tried to use D.C. power (D.C. light bulbs) to prevent accident (electrocution), but the current consumption is relatively high, thus fast discharge rate (if battery) or high fuel consumption (if generator). D.C. converter (from A.C.) is also used to have D.C. output, but also uses high wattage D.C. bulbs, where life span is shorter when used for long hours.
To solve this problem of safety and very minimal consumption of power in any project, it is suggested to use a "LED lamp" which can be used for longer period of time with very minimal current drain. An ordinary LED lamp is powered by 3 x UM3 batteries, and if modified, can change to a bigger battery with higher current rating, thus giving longer lighting hours with maximum safety.

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Re: Water pumps use in treasure hunting.
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Just an example of a LED light...

MR16, 3 watts with 48 pcs 3528 SMD power LEDs, As 30 watts Halogen bulb replacements, DC 10V~30V wide voltage operation, It can work on 12V or 24V or any voltage between 10V and 30V. 90% more efficient than xenon bulbs, incandescent bulbs and Halogen bulbs traditional lighting, Lifespan of up to 60,000 hours means that equates to 20 years lifetime if turn on lamp 8 hours a day.

Consume wattage: 3 Watts
Beam degree: 120
Input voltage: DC10~30V
LEDs: 48 pcs High Bright 3528 SMD  LED
Colors: warm white,Cool white
CRI Ra=65
Lumen: Cool white 6500K  240 Lm, warm white 2800-3000K  210Lm
Dimension:  Φ50mm H55mm
Net weight: 45g

cost $12.00 (500+ pesos)

all my flashlights are LED and with normal usage, they dim after 3 days, you need a good battery like a car, or Duracell, which are expensive. But last for months. so you have to weigh cost against efficiency ...

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Re: Water pumps use in treasure hunting.
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This is the site if you need generator and very helpful......

You just input data voltage/Hp/Phase/Starting then you can get the size of the genset because the most important of buying generators is the starting current and GOOD LUCK to guys.....HAPPY HUNTING