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here it is
Sir Zobex

1 meter away,west side from that marker we found this marker I'm not sure if this inverted heart sign or an spade
The way this was made and is often used other places, is, they would lay a round steel bar flat on the rock and then pound on that bar with a hammer.  This makes the steel rod hammer in a trough mark like this.


Yes it looks like an X to me. Hopefully, Zobex can give his in depth comments about it.

Not an X, it's a CROSS.  Different meaning.  I have seen in first hand one large tunnel bunker where a CROSS was the marker on top of the hill overlooking the closed off bunker entrance.  If I can find a picture of it, I will post it.  Unfortunately some rich Filipino city boys purchased the land after I found the codes and bunker entrance.  Greedy A'Holes, could not find it on their own and I sure am not going to tell them where the entrance is at to be dug open.  Let them go flounder.

Nice code marker you have there.

Thank you sir for the comment,however,as you,been said they might another clue,hence,then,what is the next ordeal???that site for info,located in or top of the mountain just like an over looking area,what possibly be the outcome??
That is an X but does not necessarily mean X marks the spot. It could be a bearing marker which is to be used along with other markers in the area to lead to the target.
How did you say it is in that depth range?well anyway thanks for the comment com1113
Thanks fom1113
That is coded lines. Scattered small deposits around the area. Japanese wrote some simple and readable lines that looks letter to us but those are representation of complicated burial design engineering. If you are going to recover all of the scattered treasures you need to understand that engineering but for 1 cache recovery it is not necessary, we don't need it. Logical approach can be very effective.
Treasures separated in two locations at the level of 35 feet and 80 feet depth. Nice shot.
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