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Oh well.. there you go, bro! Filipino's can also do all of those jobs. Whoever gets the project should be required to hire mostly Filipino labor so the money will stay within the Philippines.
Thailand / GPR or Geo-Resistivity in Thailand
« Last post by Caches on May 17, 2021, 09:55:02 AM »
Is anyone with these tools in Thailand at the moment?
Well here is some new / old news .

So the Philippine government is selling bid options, that is what was purchased ( bribe to government officials ) so that China can own and run an international airport on a small island.  Is this to mean that Malaysians are too stupid to run an airport ? ?   China builds your roads, bridges, airports, skyway, water works and the list goes on.  Look at the contract terms, China is allowed to bring in Chinese construction workers on semi permanent resident visas to work the projects.  Most all projects have at least 50% Chinese citizen workers.  All are claimed to be some kind of skill that Malaysians are not capable of performing, like mixing cement and pouring foundations.  AND all of are of Military fitness and skills.  To date Duterte has authorized over 20,000 Chinese workers in under this condition.  All of military training.

You stupid SOB's, you stand there and let China invade your country and own it.  All for 500 pesos to go get drunk and sing.  That is what you sell your vote for.  But then, your entire election system is rigged from bottom to top, computers, handlers, data processors, internet transfers etc etc .  But don't feel bad, most governments are doing the same thing.

Watch the news for the next 6 months and many things are going to be exposed.  Can't stop it but it will happen anyway.

General chat that may NOT be SEA or TREASURE related / Re: just asking..
« Last post by admin on May 17, 2021, 01:27:45 AM »
What do you mean, "Where are they?" Where are WHO??
where are they..
is it up? down or straight ahead..
before the rain comes, ask for your opinions
where the object might be..
pictures attached..
It was no joke when he answered a question in 2016 from a fisherman what he was going to do about the Chinese harassment of Filipino fishers...
It was a nationwide televised election debate for presidential candidates.

The same fisherman now.

So he said ” calling those who believed him “stupid.” .  So is he now admitting those whom voted for him are rightfully called  " DUTARDS "  ? ?  Well not really they got 500 pesos for their vote.  That is say some Red Horse at now 35 peso each.  Some BBQ on a stick.  2 hours of karaoke and a bicycle ride back home because you are so drunk you can not walk.  Great election time was had by all, Dutards. 

Back to 200 ships...
Back to Duterte...
His taped speech last night.

MANILA, Philippines — President Rodrigo Duterte admitted on Monday that his 2016 pledge to ride a jet ski to the Spratly Islands and plant a Philippine flag there was a “pure campaign joke,” calling those who believed him “stupid.”

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Yeah, man. His mask slips a lot more these days. Maybe he's getting too old to keep his poker face. Maybe his term is ending and he just doesn't care. Who knows. I just hope his daughter doesn't manage to get in there next. It is a family of snakes.
Not even saying which political party, what race, religion, bla bla bla - - .  IF some government intentionally creates a dangerous THING that is so dangerous to destroy any other government, created  WITH INTENT and then lets it get loose - - - .  Would not that government be responsible for the damages it creates ? ? ?  Since it was created or designed to do exactly what it is doing and is done as an offensive weapon.

So why is there no massive charge for damages and reparations for the damages to those whom are lets say victims of that dangerous thing ? ? ?

I believe that simple issue is the tell all of what is going on.

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