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That is coded lines. Scattered small deposits around the area. Japanese wrote some simple and readable lines that looks letter to us but those are representation of complicated burial design engineering. If you are going to recover all of the scattered treasures you need to understand that engineering but for 1 cache recovery it is not necessary, we don't need it. Logical approach can be very effective.
Treasures separated in two locations at the level of 35 feet and 80 feet depth. Nice shot.
Thank you very much sir zobex
The position of the rock 1meter before lifting it up

I think you missed something on the top of the rock.  Look where I put the arrows pointing.  It looks to me to be a square cut with a dot in the middle.

That can have several meanings.

If a circle it could indicate a tunnel with treasure inside.

If a square it could mean a box with treasure inside.

Look at your rock again.


The position of the rock 1meter before lifting it up

The White Stone is a true code marker.  I have seen and also recovered such a white stone and found goodies behind it.  I have also found such a white stone on the surface and it was code marked for direction and distance.  Confirmed real site.

In this case the direction might be off the sharp point of the stone, or 90 degrees off the point.  The iron bars are markers and may also be unites of measure or directional pointers.  Remember::

1cm in length = 1 meter in length real

true direction can also be using a watch, at 10am off from the pointing direction of the marker.

often code markers left behind have no code book meaning and are only what the persons whom put it there to mean and was recorded on a map.  They always made a map in hard copy.

You have a real site, hope you can find it.

The letter " B " may also mean 2 deposits.  The B could be a Sombrero , count the humps.


Thanks Mr.TW
Yes it looks like an X to me. Hopefully, Zobex can give his in depth comments about it.
as we analyzed again the rock with BM, looks like it is BM-1,does it denotes distance?
Treasure Marks, Signs and Symbols of the Yamashita Treasure / Is this really an X?
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Hi everyone,
Is this really an   X?can you help me with this one.What is the next step upon seeing this marker?
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