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BM? Bongbong Marcos was here first?

Sorry, joke only... ;D

And does this small soft stone telling or convey something,found beside of that iron rod?
The position of the rock 1meter before lifting it up
thanks Mr.z here is the iron together a small piece of soft rock
here it is

Err, not exactly.

B M -

That is what is on the rock.

Not really a B  it is a measurement symbol often meaning TWO  or  2 leagues .  M is not the letter M but is a symbol for the deposit and the - is a measurement of travel.  1cm on the cut  = 1m distance.

If this is found on a white colored and smooth texture or creamy texture rock, then that rock was picked for a placement of code markers.  The original map would say something like look for a white rock and on it will be codes.

When I get some time I will post a decode for you. 

That is real treasure code markers.


here it is
Never heard of it. Maybe you could take some pictures and post them here for us to see?
Hi everyone,
Does anybody here knows the meaning of BM? it is engraved in the stone found at 1 meter. underneath of that stone an iron rod measuring 12 inches and behind of that rod another 2 inches iron rod.

Thailand / Re: GPR or Geo-Resistivity in Thailand
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No idea but I'm sure if you do a search in Thailand you may find someone who can do it.
You are quite right, Sir Zobex. The Philippines is going down the drain with this Covid-19 hypocrisy. The government agency that is supposed to safeguard the lives of the citizens is the one promoting death through the fake vaccine. The swab tests are downright dangerous and so are the face diapers which suffocate us with carbon dioxide and give us illness. It is not clear if the government understands this plandemic or are they just complicit with the genocidal agenda of the globalists. I hope there will be a Nuremberg trial when this plandemic ends.
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